CFA certificate

Anyone know how long it takes to get the certificate to hang on a frame, after you get your letters in later august? Do you have to pay for the certificate?

I’m talking about this thing:

Depends on how handy you are but I’d say about 10min

125MPH sitting here thinking he passed…

I don’t give a (Fornication Under Command of King) about the actual certificate. I’ll just put that i a closet somewhere.

Are you guys going to hang up the certificate? If so, where?

100% I’m hanging it up. It’ll probably look a little weird if I displayed it in my cubicle at work, so I think the best spot is in my house.

I will hang my up in my office, next to my UCLA diploma and CFP® certificate. I’m in a client facing position so thats why I have stuff hanging in my office. If I was just with colleages like CEO10K-DAY, I probably would just leave it at home.

Considering in 2018 alone 227K people sat for all levels, 1 million charterholders is a very small percentage since they started testing.

Which hedge fund do you work for? Hedge funds aren’t usually filled with charterholders.

Considering the fact there have been 246,654 who have passed L3 ever; there are currently only 154k charterholders and then couple that with the 19,920 that passed L3 in 2018…your analysis of 1m charterholders in 5 years is ridiculous. I’m surprised you work in a hedge fund if you cannot even make reasonable statistical assumptions…the growth rate would have to be 800% per year from the 2018 pass rates and including the 154k to equal just shy of 1m when the year-on-year growth in L3 pass rate is 16%…

True statement.

The right number is 163381 according to the members directory

Much less than i thought actually

I think that’s enough personal info for someone to look you up. Just sayin…

This is somewhat on topic, so rather than starting another thread, I’ll ask it here. I noticed maybe in the last week or two a section on my “Candidate Resources” page that I hadn’t noticed before. It may have been there for the past year and I’ve been oblivious, but in the interest of possibly figuring something out, any other Level 3 takers want to check if they show the same thing?

All the way to the bottom right of the screen I see a section that says “Receiving your charter - Charters are delivered to the primary address in your CFA Institute account. Make sure yours is accurate and complete”

I tried to attach the image to this message, but failed miserably. Hopefully this is a good sign, but I’m guessing everyone probably shows the same thing.

I have the same as well. Does this mean I can open the champagne?

I have the “receiving your charter” link as well, but I am pretty sure that the link has been there since you signed up for Level 3. I may be wrong, but I don’t believe it means anything.

This has been around since the beginning

You are probably right, I just hadn’t noticed it until recently. Since we have about another 3 weeks until the results come out I doubt anything to do with our scores would even be on their website yet. You can probably chalk this one up to wishful thinking.