CFA Charter Holder

CFA Charter Holder - Base 75K, all in pay approx. 90k.


What? What are you talking about?

LOL, nothing worthy of a topic. I was merely complaining about my salary and being a CFA charter holder. I believe that would be below median.

I suppose that is probably less than average, but it could always be worse.

…yup it could be worse…you could be me

Well 4% of CFA charterholders are unemployed according to CFAI.

^ How often does CFAI update this info, if ever? Also, what % of charterholders do not respond?

Don’t you have to give your employment information when you renew? That reminds me, I have to renew my membership.

i appreciate you sharing this information…

so what do you do? are you in a big city?

Pay depends on your hours. How many hours a week for 75+ ?

I rather not dilvuge too much information as I enjoy the anonymity of the internet.

I work in Toronto and in a investment consulting/investment management firm.

I read somewhere the median salary is aroune 110k or more?

work an average of 60-70 hours a week.

Non-charter holder (level II cand) at 135k and working 40hrs per week. Not much chance of further progression here though :frowning:

I will gladly switch roles with you. = )

care to desribe what a 135k role entails and for 9-5

Actually you are from Norway, every job is inflated. It is not an apples to apples comparison.

I also know a £135k job with 9-5 (not mine though). Person in question is miserable though and wants to quit ASAP.

Everything roughly balances out in the end.

135k pounds is very big for a 9-5 job. that person isn’t not very appreciative i would say given that the unemployment rate in europe is 10%+ right now

what kind of job is this ?!

My wife would love for us to move to the UK. I’ll take £135k for a 9-5.

I have a feeling that £135k pounds goes away very quickly with UK living costs and high taxes.

higgmond should go to UK and take Bob Diamonds previous role…