CFA Charter - parchment

Has anyone recieved the physical copy of their CFA charter in the mail yet?

yes, it’s beautiful.

Not yet

crucifier i read somewhere that we get them at the NYSSA ceremony

Nope, check the invitation from NYSSA. They said that the charter will be mailed to us. The ceremony is just hors d’oeuvres and drinks. No awarding of the charter at the NYSSA ceremony.

DoubleDip - I initially hoped they give us the charter “on the stage” and felicitate us by keeping this charterholder ceremony, but I was confirmed on the phone that this event was just a social event (like a meet and greet event) and the actual charters would be sent by the institute itself at our mailing addresses.

When I read the invite (and as also mentioned by Mr-Z), it reaffirms that we are just in for few beers and chicken wings (lol). I also had a friend attend this in 2010 and it was a similar beer/wine event.

I heard from this forum, in the past, cfai used to send the charter at our homes AND we used to get one extra charter at this NYSSA ceremony. Looks like it’s cost-cutting everywhere. I definitely need 2 charters, I don’t know when the next Sandy would drown my certificate.

In my society (in Europe), they specifically asked in the e-mail invitation whether I want to join the event and get the charter there or have it shipped to me.

Not sure about the details of the refreshments but the presentations sounded interesting :wink:

Mine arrived in like 2-3 weeks from membership approval.

At the Des Moines event next week they will formally hand out the charters. They specifically mentioned this in their invitation email to new charterholders. Plus, I went to the event last year after passing L2. I’m looking forward to some sort of recognition at the local society. Plus, free beer and apps isn’t bad either.

At the Dallas event, they formally handed out the charters, as well.

in the past they used to give you two charters if you went to your local society’s ceremony, not sure if they are still doing that, but the woman from my local said i would get two…but my second one has not been delivered…

anyone know if they stopped doing this? all of the other charterholder’s in my firm have two!

I haven’t received any in my mail yet. Regular member since Aug 2012, so guess we are going to receive it at the NYSSA ceremony itself (which contradicts their very own invite).

Handing out charters Thursday night at local event in Colorado!

I received mine in today’s mail (Illinois).

got it today in the mail!

FYI, this is what the CFAI had to say when I asked when I would receive my charter. CFA Institute ID# 6139XXX Dear Mr. XXXXX, Thank you for contacting us with your inquiry. Your charter will be delivered to the primary address you have on file by 31 December 2012. Please let us know if this is not the case. Feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions or concerns.


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got my second charter in the mail yesterday - giddy up! now i need two frames

2 charters for real? congrats mcap!

Still nothing yet for me. I am thinking this is the week it will be sent. If not, it will likely not get here until the new year. Arghhh!

Yes I received a second charter yesterday as well…first one received at the local society recognition ceremony and the second one came straight from CFA. I think I’ll change my business card to “tctreasury CFA^2” :slight_smile: