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Just heard about this book via a post on the GD thread. Anybody heard of it? Anybody read it? I just wonder how it stacks up against the real experience. Or should a person just save their $18 and log on to AF to hear the real scoop?

Here’s another one. I specifically remember discussing this book, though, because we were discussing the hotness of the author.

I havent started my journey yet,however the title of these books promise much and deliver little.The matter of the books regarding strategy and etc should be written by someone who understands how people learn ,how to set a reading plan and so on.Just because I have done something does not mean I am good at teaching others how to do it.However the author is very hot

I’d rather spend time studying for the CFA, rather than reading a book about studying for the CFA.

If she quits her finance job to do porn like the Lazzard girl, I will get a Brazzers subscription.

@ohai the HR of Brazzers must have a hard time assesing these two

I don’t know what you could possibly learn from these books. It’s about 750 hours of focused effort across 3 exams and multiple years. There, I wrote a book about it.

I’m with ohai though, Rachel Bryant is not terrible looking.

Hacksaw background, would not date.

Bwahahahaha! Someone from AF left a customer review!

^we should inundate the comments. where’s blake when you need him?

The review was helpful to me.

That is an excellent start to spreading the lingo. I have started using Hacksaw in my daily non-AF language and I expect it to catch on soon. Everyone here needs to do their part.


Only a few more votes and it’ll appear as the most helpful critical review ha ha

By Mgrace - See all my reviews Verified Purchase (What’s this?) This review is from: Direct Path to the CFA Charter: Savvy, Proven Strategies for Passing Your Chartered Financial Analyst Exams (Kindle Edition) Really easy read, motivating stuff, great plan to start the process of becoming a CFA. Recommend if you’re serious on becoming a CFA super rusty hacksaw?

wow so she is teaching you how to game the exam??!??! (bold)

page xiii of preface

LOL this has fail written all over it

I found the hacksaw review helpful.

Eveyone UPVOTE the HACKSAW REVIEW on Amazon!

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We need to keep it in the lead


I voted too :slight_smile: