CFA ebooks now available

Hey guys, Just to let you know that the curriculum books (all six volumes) can now be downloaded or viewed from ur pc for 50 bucks. The only reason i could see anybody buying this is to keep a low profile at work while reading…thoughts on this?

Is this available for level2 also? If so, do i go to the CFA website to purchase this

all levels. go to candidate resources on the CFA website and you should find a link there.

why aren’t they free to enrolled candidates? wtf?

great, I’ve been wanting this. Thanks!

You have to log in first. Here is the link. Description: A New Way to Study with the CFA Program Curriculum eBook Through a collaborative arrangement with Vital Source™ and Pearson Custom Publishing, CFA Institute now offers the CFA Program Curriculum eBook − a convenient new way to study for the 2010 CFA Program examinations. The eBook lets you access the CFA Program curriculum in two ways, either via a downloaded file on your personal computer or online through any networked computer. This powerful new study tool provides an array of active learning features, including: •Portable digital access •Interactive practice problems •Custom page views •Electronic notes and highlighting •Advanced search functions View a sample eBook screenshot (PDF). Flexible Access through 2010 With a compatible browser, you can access study materials from the internet or directly from the computer when internet connections are not available. As you make notes, highlight sections, etc., changes are automatically synchronized between the web and your downloaded content. You also have the flexibility of being able to download the content to a second computer. Your eBook purchase provides digital access to the 2010 curriculum for the June or December 2010 exams. For example, if you buy a Level 1 eBook and you do not pass the June exam, you can continue using the Level 1 2010 eBook for the December exam. Access to the 2010 curriculum eBook will expire on 15 December 2010. For 2011 curriculum and exams, all candidates will need to purchase a new eBook. Get Started Now The eBook is available from Pearson for US$50. Order your eBook and begin using it immediately (note: this non-CFA Institute site will open in a separate browser window). Upon purchase, you will receive an e-mail with download instructions and a registration key, providing access to the content within minutes of purchasing it. To learn more, view an animated product demonstration, or find out about system requirements and technical support. Important note to Microsoft Windows XP users: You may need to download and install Microsoft’s .NET framework in order for the eBook to run properly on your computer. The installation program will automatically determine whether your computer needs .NET and prompt you through the download and installation of .NET prior to installing the VitalSource eBook. Downloading and installing .NET may take 10−40 minutes depending on your computer’s configuration and your internet connection speed. If you prefer not to download Microsoft’s .NET framework, you can still access the CFA curriculum using the online version of the eBook. (While the downloadable version can be accessed anytime, the online version is only accessible when you have an active internet connection.) Take Note Electronic functionality, such as the notes feature, will not be available after your eBook expires. However, your personal notes can be consolidated and printed from your eBook. All eBook purchases are considered final. Once a redemption code for your eBook has been purchased and the eBook has been activated, it is not possible to return it for a refund. As a registered candidate, you will automatically receive a printed version of the curriculum regardless of whether or not you purchase the eBook. (You cannot opt for an eBook instead of print curriculum for 2010 because of existing agreements with our publishers and copyright holders.)

So I bought it, installed it and started using it. I haven’t spent much time with it yet, but like it so far. You can’t print out a set of pages but have to print one at a time. You can highlight and make notes. Think of it as a direct scan of the curriculum with navigational arrows and highlighting. I don’t know what they mean by “Interactive practice problems” as I have not seen anything like this - at least not yet. There’s no bookmarking and I don’t think there’s a way to jump to a page, but there is a search function, which I tested and I like, as it can search within the current book or across all of them. I am glad I can put it on more than one computer.

Print one page at a time? LOL

just another way for the CFAI to screw a few more dollars out of candidates

this is pretty sweet. it’s a rip that they charge $50 bucks for it, but it is nice not having to lug around the books all the time.

what an effin joke, it takes very little to scan the book and provide it free, but they charge $50!!! like we haven’t forked over enough

I can’t study from the computer. Too many Facebook distractions : )

What do they mean by download? Can we save it and copy it on flash dirve?please guide…

i can’t believe it… most AFer should only use and pass with schweser… why cfa text ?

I don’t think we can put it on a flash drive as say a PDF file, as the pages are loaded within the “virtual bookshelf” application. I did try printing to PDF but was only able to do one page at a time. Anyway you can log on to your account from any computer and that way use it on more than 2. The downloading option is for when you don’t have access to the internet, and you have to install the .NET framework and bookshelf application first.

I’m excited about the search function… I can’t tell you how many hours I wasted flipping through pages looking for crap.

I have purchased the ebooks. However, very disappointed with the online version. The image is not of a very good quality and very hard to read. I am already going blind with all the reading I have to do for the exam J. Also scrolling through pages is slow and there is no book marking. At least there is a way to jump to a certain page. Hopefully, the downloaded version is better. I will check it tonight from home. I think CFAI should demand that VitalSource improves the quality of images for online version.

I actually emailed them about the lack of bookmarking and also the highlighting function is a bit screwy. You highlight a sentence, then in the notes section you see a phrase that is not the one you highlighted, but is a few sentences away. But you can enlarge the pages to full screen, this should help. I am downloading my home version right now. Viewing quality looks good to me. There are different colors of highlighters to categorize (“exam”, “important”, “need clarification”, “unimportant”) The search has ability to search in text and figures, and in notes and highlights too. We can probably figure out a way to use highlighting as a substitute for bookmarks. So I have to take back what I said before. I am on one of the pages with practice problems (from downloaded version) and it says that I can “view these questions in an interactive environment.” Ok, I tried it. Check it out! this is good and now I think it’s well worth the money… AND it will check your answers!!!

HEY this thing will read to you too! heh heh it’s reading the copyright information to me. I f I can figure out how to just get it to read what I want it to read. And change the voice.

Thank you for the tip! This is exciting news.