CFA exams' results good forever?

Passed all three levels, but working in a different field and not about to change the field any time soon.

Currently: federal government, transportation, regulatory environment.

So my question is - since my experience is unlikely to be qualified as sufficient to become a CFA charterholder, can I stay in the “Passed all three levels” mode for the next 20 years without any penalty whatsoever?


Yes, you can.

Higgs is right. I confirmed with CFAI.

Thank you both, much appreciated.

A bit disappointing that I can’t become a CFA charterholder, but I’m really happy to have passed all three levels on the first attempt, so I’ll just live with that:-).

You just passed L3 and had to check with CFAI? Shame on you Greenie! devil

Not true. I checked with CFAI before I took the test.

I wanted to know, just in case I failed, how long the Level 2 results were good for.

yes. Facts are Facts.