CFA L2 Dreams and Nightmares

CFA level 2 pressure can be judged from the fact that even 2 weeks after exam I’m having dreams about it Nightmare 1 week after exam: I overslept on the exam day and rushed to the exam centre, begged proctor who let me in and I started exam 7 minutes late … Dream 2 weeks after exam: I got that ‘congratulations’ email from CFAi 1month before results announced date, upon inquiring I’m told that its spam email targeted to level 2 test takers and results will be published on the date announced… the joy shattered shortly and pressure rehabilitated.

You need to relax, it’s an exam…find something enjoyable to occupy your mind

tickersu i am working on many PE deals at the moment, dont know from where the heck I get those dreams. It has never been like this. Cant wait for the results.

Find a hobby dude.

I had another nightmare last night and woke up shaking… I skipped an item set expecting to come back at the end and they called time… The dream was vivid, the format was completely different from CFA and I had a VOSS water bottle on my desk which I’ve never even had before… This is crazy

You poor souls. I have been dreaming about naked ladies and dragons and sometimes… both at the same time? What does this mean??

Too much Game of Thrones? :wink:

Hahahahaha - true that!

After the exam - work, sleep, gym, gf - repeat. I think I slept 10hrs a day for the first 2 weeks after the exam.

I slept 18 hours the day after exam and then slept 14 hours the day after that …

Agree with that, we must enjoy the CFA path !

I had a nightmare (dream actually) that CFAI dropped Ethics :slight_smile:

And I had a nightmare that the plane that carried my answer sheets to CFAI dropped in the sea T__T. I start wondering if it is the case, would we have to retake the exam?

I am pretty much sure that CFAI would fail all of those candidates whose papers were lost rather giving them another try.

They may run them thru a scantron on-site right after the test. For how much the exam costs, it seems like a reasonable expense. Wouldnt add much value in the US but the test is international - there was an article on guys literally sneaking through a war zone to take the test one year.

i’ve had similar thoughts (not nightmares, lol). what the heck happens if something like this happens? like whoever is transporting the exams has an accident and the exams are destroyed. i know it’s crazy to think, but definitely possible. would be curious to know what protocal would be.

I had an horrible dream last night that I was at in the room while CFAI was grading exams. I got a 41% in the PM session. I’d have to have a nearly perfect score in the AM session to have any chance at all of passing. I don’t expect to pass, but 41%? That’s awful. And why 41%? Such an odd percentage.

The 41% might just be the percentage of candidates who passed the exam. Dreams could be funny sometimes! What you see isn’t always what you get dear. And scoring 41% might as well mean you are part of the 41% who made the cut.

Stay positive. *winks*

That’s a dream that will never come true lammy, since it isn’t possible to score 41% in the am or pm session of the Level 2 exam. 24/60 = 40%; 25/60 = 41.67% (rounds up to 42%). :slight_smile:

I am sure you can find out what marks you need to get 41%!

x/60 + x/60 = .41

Find x?