CFA level 1 Dec 2018 exam results

Any clue when the results are gonna be out?

They usually release them around 9:00 AM EST - but maybe it’s changed.

Is it today ?

Last year the results were released on Tuesday, January 23rd so it will most likely be next week Tuesday. when this year’s results are released.

Did anyone receive that email they send announcing the exact date to expect results. I thought they send an email 3 weeks prior to inform about the results date.

received an email today from CFA Institute stating that results will be emailed next wednesday - I assume they will be available online on Tuesday.

They will be available online next Wednesday. Why they would be online before?

My understanding is that results have historically always been published on a Tuesday - I could be wrong.

the email I received from the institute said that the results would be “emailed” Wednesday. This doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be available (potentially) on the exam results section of the institute’s website the day before, I.e., on Tuesday at some point. Just speculating…

Good luck everyone tomorrow!!

are the results available online today (Tuesday)?

I’ve been refreshing the page but no results…

Results will be emailed tomorrow after 9:00 am ET. Btw guys can you check if you have access to your candidate resources. My candidate resources are gone and I can only see ID requirements and registration stuff. I don’t know if that’s a good sign or not

my candidate resources gone too

Tried to register too and received this:

“We’re sorry, but CFA Program registration is currently closed. Please contact us if you have any questions.”

How confident were you of passing. I had read about this in some older thread of implied signs of passing but don’t know if it’s true

What is those signs??

I had just read that candidate resources vanish but again not sure if that’s a true sign

at level 1 it’s probably not a “sign”

at level 3 if you were able to register it would mean you failed but since this is L1 you would still be eiligible to register pass or fail because there’s another exam after this one.

I don’t think there are any definitive signs - just wishful thinking. We’ll know soon enough.

Yeah mates, this day is a real torture…