CFA Level 1 exam progress June 2011

After 4 months I’m currently half way through volume 4 so only 2.5 books remaining. I spent probably already 250 h on the material but understood all topics to a degree so I could answer END of Chapter questions 90-95% right without re-visiting material (although I would have forgotten some since). I plan to finish books by end April, then re-read my hand written summary and hopefully re-do questions at 90-95% again. Is one month enough to rework all this material if you has a pretty good understanding doing it the first time. What else should I do and are End of Chapter questions similar to exam questions anyway? thanks for all input and maybe this helps everybody to see where everybody else is? Maybe we could answer following question? Where are you currently in your reading (answer 1-6 with 0.25 increments) so we can calculate mean, Stdev, Skew and maybe do some Hypothesis testing?

0.75 through book 1

dirk01: You’re doing very well. Keep at it and try to leave a good month at the end for review (appears that you’re on course for that anyway).

Half way through book 4 after spending 2.5 months (but I haven’t done much of ethics yet) I have been doing EOC questions well too but have forgotten most of the previous stuff … Last to last week, before starting book 4, I tried to recap everything once. Had forgotten a lot, especially Quant… and it is a mighty drag to revise… couldn’t keep my eyes open in front of the book for more than 10 mins at a stretch… Will try to leave 1.5 months for revision… revision is going to be harder than first reads… right now its very interesting since it is all new…

Volume 3 and 5 finished, about 1/3 through economics. Kind of getting worried I’ll run out of time now. Econ is taking longer for me than FSA and Equities/fixed income, as I have to spend time working out what all the graphs are actually saying… Also hoping to leave May for revision. Does anyone know which book is likely more heavily weighted on the exam out of ethics/QM and corp fi/PM? That will be the one I tackle next. I’m guessing ethics/QM

Have a look on CFA website. ethics/quant. is 27% of questions. CoorpFi/Portfolio is 13% of questions.

0.50 through book 2

dirk01 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Have a look on CFA website. ethics/quant. is 27% > of questions. CoorpFi/Portfolio is 13% of > questions. Legend man I’ll take a look at that. I guess ethics/quant it is next :frowning:

Still 0.50 through book 2 :slight_smile:

Me too! Still half way through book 4… no progress made last week :frowning:

0.25 through book 3 I lost last weekend because of an unplanned appendectomy.

Just have corp. finance and economics left; I plan to spend the two months just reviewing and doing practice questions (got Elan and Stalla), not sure how to approach ethics - maybe listen to it in the car?

Still got most of fixed income, book 6 and ethics left… will be done with the first reading by beg/mid of april only… @Karateboy - Hope you are fine now…

Done with Book 1 and 0.75 with Book 3 (skipped Book 2 for now as I thought FSA is more critical). Still a long way to go for me.

@ anish Thanks. I got pretty lucky with how the events played out. I was visiting my parents when the pain started. They live 10 minutes away from a top 25 hospital in the U.S. so the surgeon did a good job. Today is the 1 week anniversary of the operation and I’m getting ready to go back to work. 0.75 though book 3 Hope to be 0.5 through book 4 by Thursday because I’m going on vacation to Vegas :slight_smile:

Wow! You guys seem to have really completed a lot of stuff… I have opted for schwezer till now… except for ethics… I’m done with book 1, 2, fixed instru+der+alt+instr(schwezer’s book 5)… A lot to do now… Btw, do you guys really recommend the CFAI books?

CFAI books are the best… Detailed and explanatory… I found Elan notes lacking… Plus, when I read from the Elan notes and then do CFAI EOC questions, I am unsure of about 30-40% questions (though, admittedly, I do get 90% correct but I am unsure) Still, the really theory oriented chapters like corp govern, I am doing from Elan only…too boring to do from CFAI book… I guess schweser would be similar…

Finally past book 3. Appendix+vacation to Las Vegas set me back a few weeks :slight_smile:

Just started Equities. left with FI , Derivs and Alternative invt.

only derivs, alts, and ethics left! i can finally see the light…