CFA Level 3 Early Reveal........

Yes, understood, yet another post on this (and its my first post). But like others I am getting extremely anxious and checking for early reveals everyday.

The previous levels I didn’t actually care too significantly about the exam and didn’t even know the date the results would be revealed until the e-mail from CFA came through primarily because I thought after coming out the exams I got completely burnt and will not be passing. I went totally blank during the exams. But maybe because this is the last exam I am getting anxious.

Anyways - below (based on research of other posts) are signs I had noted on my account. Does anyone else have similar signs?

  • I am unable to purchase the curriculum - there is an error message.

  • I am unable to register for the next CFA exams - there is an error message.

  • I am able to change my test centre location.

  • I am able to apply for 2017 scholarship.

  • I got an email from CFA Institute to register as a member and apply for the charter.

  • I am unable to register for a society or volunteer - there is an error message.

  • Click on the registeration confirmation - it brings me to my original confirmation for the June 2016 exams with no error.

No clue whether each means pass or fail or mix of results.


Better to wait for 10 days !

you are thinking tooo much

I bet CFAI employees come to AF after the test/pre-results and do this.


If u really want to spend your idle time on this…you’ll have to post the error messages you see.

you may also want to describe how you found The pages you are seeing the message on. For example where are u seeing a link to purchase the curriculum?

Come on, let you all pass this exam. Then, get off this topic so we could take the positions … :slight_smile: It’s pain in the ass reading your posts.

Guys the wait is killing…i dont to even know what to think…i pray i pass sha

You should relax and control your patience. Remember you did your best and hopefully you pass. If you failed, then its not the end of the world. Just take it easy and everything will be ok.

I will never forget this day

ya’ll boys and girls need to calm down.

OP, you mention an error when trying to register for the exam.

When I try to register, it simply says that I’m already registered for the exam. What does your error message say?

Oh noooes, they’re changing the venue for the DC CFA Society happy hour. What does it mean? Did I fail?

_ **Due to Arlington Tap Room closing** _

_ The new happy hour venue is Spider Kelly’s _ _ Networking Happy Hour - Arlington _ Wednesday, August 3, 20165:30 pm - 7:30 pm Location: Spider Kelly’s 3181 Wilson BlvdArlington, VA 22201 Metro: Clarendon (Orange and Silver lines) The tension is so high!

Spider Kelly’s was my jam when I worked in Arlington. That, Mister Days, the rooftop at Clarendon Ballrom, and Caribbean Breeze before it turned into A-Town.

My man! Yah, SK is still solid. Before I was married I’d start there and make it to Whitlows and Liberty Tavern if I was slumming. A-Town always skewed young, my cousin’s post-wedding party happened there but they do have a solid weekend brunch. Ramos, I always knew you were a man of impeccable taste. :slight_smile:

Yeah mine states the same - I am already registered go to candidate resources.

Still no early reveal - THIS TOTALLY SUCKS!!! I am studying my GMAT now and every now and then get worked up about the CFA Result.


With all the fee’s they charge we deserve a leak

LOL, I am in the same boat, for the GRE.

Is anyone able to view Topic and Mock test? What message do you get when you try to access any of the topic test?

Can you guys still change your test center? Also I get an error if I try to access the topic tests.

i get an error too when i try to access the topic tests