CFA Level 3 Study Notes

Hi all .

Hope everyone passed the exams this time. I started to review the readings in level 3 and finding difficult to understand the material.

Can somebody email me the level 3 study notes. It would be a great help for me.

My email address is

Thank you all

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What do you mean by “level 3 study notes”? Like our personal study notes that we made on our own after reading through thousands of pages of CFA text for months? Or something else?

  1. For most people who have taken the exam, this is a stressful time, and it is not good to be asking them for anything.

  2. People who took this exam spent hundreds and hundreds of hours on it. Asking them for the product of all that hard work is not going to be received well, especially in such a time, it simply comes across as looking for a shortcut.

  3. Other people’s notes aren’t really going to help you if you do not understand the readings themselves. They are effectively a condensed version of important points. You are better off just repeating the readings until you get it, and if that doesn’t work, pay up to get some tutoring/third party provider explanations.

  4. You didn’t even say please. Seriously?

Agree with points 1-4 above… also that if you had looked around a bit it would have taken you about 10 minutes to find this, but the link below is something that some people feel have been useful: