CFA Level III Results Date

Hi Everyone,

Although its far out in the future, any idea when will the results get declared this year? These 2 months will seem like 20 years to me!!! Generally they release it on 2nd Tuesday of August which should be 08th August this year. I just hope they don’t delay it any further. Also, I read somewhere that first round of grading is usually completed in the very first week after the examination.

I hope they release results sooner in years to come. I just can’t wait for the results after giving any Exam!

It will most likely be on the 8th August 2017.

This 2 months is like roller coaster in luna park, driving me nuts.

Exactly! Btw, Flashback, are you from Germany?

it would take them more than one week to assemble all test papers. Check if pages have been removed or not.

Cfa process document looks like they do agnoff method, so one week or so to decide the mps. Grading would start probably in the third week

No, but I wrote level 1 in Frankfurt A/M. I am a bit down there toward South. #Cro.

Ok cool :slight_smile:

I read on CFA website that’s its around 90 days after exam day

That seems to be an overly conservative estimate.

I will be on holiday in the mountains drunk until 11/8. Hope results come out while I’m out in the wild.

I will be in a plane over the Atlantic if the results prove to be on August 8th at 9:00am EST. It will be the most anxious flight, and I usually don’t mind flying at all, haha. I shall turn on my cell phone on the tarmac, open my e-mail, and hope for the best. Otherwise, I will kindly ask Mr. pilot man to turn the plane around and whisk me away to a remote island so I can cry in solace.

I will be on Antarctica.

Mingle with the good penguins you meet.

yep that what russians normally do - get drunk and screwed :slight_smile: but good luck on 8aug. we suffered enough!

He is Greek, not Russian.

Second Tuesday of august, 08/08/2017

How do you know?

Smart guess based on previous result dates

Generally it is 10 weeks max. So 8th or 15th august i would guess

Past 5 years release dates:

2012 - Aug 7 (1st Tuesday)

2013 - Aug 6 (1st Tuesday)

2014 - Aug 12 (2nd Tuesday)

2015 - Aug 11 (2nd Tuesday)

2016 - Aug 9 (2nd Tuesday)

Given the first Tuesday in August is Aug 1 this year, and CFAI always releases results on a Tuesday, 8/8/2017 is the most likely release date for Level 3 this year.