CFA Mocks (Written) ?

Hi all, I just downloaded the CFAI written questions from the website and found out those were the questions on the 20XX morning section of the exam. IS this true? Or am I misinterpreting it? Sounds silly I know, but I find it hard that the CFAI will release the official test questions. Are my eyes playing games with me? Thanks guys.

Can anyone link me to the page with the 2013 essay questions because I went to the mock exam section and all I saw were the item set questions and the errata. The CFA website is not user friendly at all…


come back in November - you will find the exam that you write now in June as the 2013 (mock) as you call it.

To put this thread to rest:

  1. Essay exams - past 3 years REAL exam questions with guideline answers. (AM Practice for you).

  2. Mock (free - on website) /Sample exams (paid on the website per test - of which you have two) for 2013 exam - are PM style multi-choice questions.