CFA on name tags

If you were attending your gf’s work holiday party, would you have them print “[your name], CFA” on it, or do you consider that only for business cards, e-mail signature, etc… ?

OMFG please tell me its a joke, or I’m nominating you Bouche of the Year…

ouch… This is going to hurt amt…

no, but i do have a CFA chain in encrusted diamonds hanging to my stomach…i gotta represent

I don’t even know what to say…

People that know what it is (i.e. other CFA’s) will think you are an idiot for putting it on there. Everyone else will ask you about it and after you explain what it is they will think you are an idiot. Either that or you will get the dreaded “CFA?..Oh that’s like the Series 7 license right?”

right next to my jesus head on a chain :slight_smile:

i keep it tatood on my forehead so there’s no confusion.

yeah dont put cfa on it

What you really need to do is tatoo it on your forearm close to your wrist and when you shake someone’s hand, slowly pull your sleeve up just enough to reveal the CFA tatoo. Once you see them notice it, look them in the eye and give them a wink.

Nah, don’t put CFA on there. In fact, don’t even put your name. Put something that tells people you like to party, like “Captain Comedy” “Panty Professor” or simply “Rad Dude”

I think the CFA tatoo should have a lightningbolt charging down from a dollar sign and going through the CFA letters, electrifying them. That’d be way cool.

i have seen someone sign their name with " , BComm"

im gonna getta Blinged out CFA necklace within an inverted triangle like the Super man sign … n I’m gonna be part of franks entourage …n we’ll call ourselves " CFA Boyz " Wer gonna be invited to all the Hype parties cuz there aint not party like CFA party …

How about getting your local dentist to make a CFA grille? Thats what I plan on doing if/when I get the charter.

GoVols Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > How about getting your local dentist to make a CFA > grille? Thats what I plan on doing if/when I get > the charter. oh man i am so getting this done. its gonna go well w/ my cfa rap video coming out. check it out BET 106 and park next friday

Not if you want your GF to remain your GF after the party…

The only time I ever busted out my CFA “attire” – or platinum chain with the CFA logo, as it were – was at this really hip party in the Upper West Side. Some clueless bystanders might have considered it to be a bit ostentatious, but I made sure that the “CFA” on my chain wasn’t so large and gaudy so as to obscure the CFA logo on my dress-shirt, which I had custom-made by the same crew that made those t-shirts that the test centers give to people after they fail the Level II exam. The effect of the CFA was powerful – so overwhelming, in fact, that the ladies in the club steered clear of my path all night. Normally I might be a bit concerned, but then reality finally sunk in – these women just couldn’t handle the mojo of the charterholder.

haha this is too funny ! I would put it on in BIG BLOCK LETTERS !

Im getting CFA tatted across my knuckles when I pass!!!