CFA sample exam scores

Would you like to post your CFA sample exam scores here (the ones on testrac) for comparisons sake. I find the multiple choice exams quite straight forward but probably because I’m too lazy to sit and write for three hours so dont get the practice. My scores for samples 1,2 & 3 were 76%, 63% (two stupid errors which I tell myself I wouldnt make on the real thing!) and 80% respectively. I think they are ok but wouldnt surprise me if they were below average?

Sample 1 : 70%…dont think you are below average

Sample 1: 76%

76%. got banged on real estate vignette and their crappy indices. did schweser 1 AM and PM yesterday. 73% and 76% resp. although, after doing the past CFA exams, the institutionals case in the morning of the Schweser exam 1 seems somehow extraterrestrial… real cases are far more concrete as i’ve seen in past exams.

Sample Exam 1 76%, Sample Exam 2 also 76%…at least I’m consistent.

got 70%, but I spent nearly 1hr 45 min

Sample 1: 83% I’m saving the other 2 samples for June

Samle 1 - don’t remember, but it was in mid - 60s. Hadnt studied one of the sections yet and got ruined. Sample 2 - 76%. seems like a popular score.

sample 1: 80%

Whatever the free sample is 77%

sample 1: 83%

Sample exam 1 83%.

53 :frowning:

McLeod81 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Sample 1: 83% > > I’m saving the other 2 samples for June wow and then you will come here and post a score of 90 :slight_smile: I am not reading posts from McLeod81 in June when he takes the mocks and remaining samples :slight_smile: btw, 83 is too good …congratulations!!

Ahh further down the thread there are many more who got 80+ good job everyone!! I scored the below on my samples: 1. 70 2. 67 3. 70

If you could only take one of the sample exams, which one would you choose?

Sample 2: 63 :frowning:

sample 1 is the freebie rite? 83%

Sample Exam 1: 63% Overall, 33% Ethics Sample Exam 2: 76% Overall, 67% Ethics Sample Exam 3: 63% Overall, 17% Ethics

I liked the sample - thought that it was straight forward compared to the sh!t that schweser normally puts together. 86