CFA vs. Series 7?

So…my ex bf couldn’t help bragging that his new gf passed series 7 with a week’s cramming. Me, on the other hand, sat for the CFA exam with a week’s study, and came out knowing there’s slim chance I’ll pass. Now, is series 7 as difficult as CFA, or is she just smarter?

please do not even compare the two. I have multiple licenses including the 7. They are nothing compared to the CFA exam.

Series 7 is miles ahead of the CFA, your ex bf/gf(he/she) must be quite smart

Passing the 7 is not difficult, but I also do not think it is the easiest exam in the world. Just a bunch of pretty simple topics to memorize. Passing it is nothing to brag about. Your ex is a d-bag.

cre_analyst Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > > > > Your ex is > a d-bag. lol good call

haha i feel so much better now :slight_smile:

The problem is you cannot brag about the cfa till you have passed it. here, she has PASSED series 7, she is miles above you. if you PASS level 1 you will be miles above her, but thats till you pass. If you fail, you are going to fall below from where you are. Your ex bf is right for the moment. i just noticed that you studied for a week and sat for cfa level 1, unless we have another Einstein among us, their is NO WAY you are passing. … unfair rite ?.. thats life!

Series 7 is a joke…I passed it with like a 95%. You can actually say that the Series 7 is a SMALL subset of the CFA, or you can say that if you get a Series 7 and Series 66 then you MIGHT have covered 33% of the CFA material, BUT at a BA level instead of a Master’s level. …and I agree, your significant other is a D-bag, you should consider dumping him/her. What’s next? Brag that s/he wipes after doing #2?

Ughhh, ya i have someone i know who just LOVES to brag about their series 7. Ooooh im so cool b/c I was in the top 5%. Yeahhh worship me! No offence to my old coworkers at MS in Tampa when I interned there, but seriously these guys had little academic prowess and passed with flying colors. I don’t know about the other series tests though. 66, 63, etc… but I can imagine they are not terribly difficult. Ya ur ex is a fckin d-bag. However, I must say… studying for 1 week for the CFA 1 was a really bad move on ur part.

whats the deal with S7, do you need to get sponsored or can anyone sign up? any career advise would also be welcomed.

Northeastern student: I believe you need to be sponsored/employed by a firm first

December5 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Northeastern student: > > I believe you need to be sponsored/employed by a > firm first Yup, and any idiot can pass that exam with a week of study. I was one of them! Any of those FINRA license exams are just that, licenses. They are not meant to be designations that trump behind your name.

haha alright…lets see how CFA goes before I even think about that. Thanks everyone!

took me 3 weeks to pass the series 7.

7 was an okay test, the 66 was the hardest one I took.

December5 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > So…my ex bf couldn’t help bragging that his new > gf passed series 7 with a week’s cramming. > I went through this phase of my life awhile back when I was really proud that my gf couldn’t pass the Series 3 with any amount of studying. Funny how these things work.

S7 is one book about the size of Quant/Ethics…with simpler concepts. S7 tests one’s ability to memorize more than anything.

I started out studying for the CSC (Canadian equivalent of the Series 7) knowing nothing at all about finance - not even that bond prices are inversely related to their yield. I passed with honours just by taking the time to understand the material. When I started off on the CFA, a lot of people said that the CSC/S7 was totally unrelated to the CFAL1, and that’s just not been the case - a lot of the stuff I studied back then has come back, albeit in much-expanded form - but I find myself applying concepts I learnt in CSC more then I thought I would!

The Series 7, I would say is even less than 15% of the CFA material and much easier. I took it like years ago with less than 3 weeks studying, then took the 66 in a week, got 92% on both which was weird…and have spent over 358 hrs on Level 1 of the CFA. I rest my case. You need to really study for the CFA to pass each level. All EX-s like to make their EX think they are better off now with the new person (especially if they got hurt), sometimes it’s true, sometimes it is just fluff.

Ok - I studied for a month for the 7, passed in under 90 minutes with a 90%. I studied for the CFA for almost 6 months, and as of last week, am pretty sure I’m going to fail. Anyone that brags about passing the 7 may as well also brag about dressing themselves and going to the bank by themselves, etc… you ex is just upset about downgrading in the relationship dept. Good luck on the results!