CFAI exam survey

Anyone else got this?

Yea I did the pre, just got the post but haven’t looked at it yet. Hopefully they have some questions/room for us to speak our mind.

s23dino Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Hopefully they have some > questions/room for us to speak our mind. they do, and i did.

I would dream to think that if one receives the survey that means they passed. Amen!

Did they ask if the exam was: A) Too easy B) About right C) Too Difficult D) Oh, we don’t do D anymore. Were the proctors: A) Helpful and Courteous B) Helpful but not Courteous C) Not Helpful but Courteous D) Not Helpful nor Courteous How would you rate the proctors general attractiveness A) 4.13 B) 16.7 C) 15.9 D) 27.2

Sorry I signed a pledge not to disclose the survey questions.

Man, did I speak my mind in that survey. Hopefully, they won’t hold it against me.

^^ Agreed fomer trader. I totally sounded off, that was great. But d@mn I forgot to mention that they shold have sent that out two weeks after the exam, I really forgot some specifics. Granted they probably want you to calm down.

I filled it out and really told them how I felt. But, now I’m wondering if the large % I assigned to 3rd party study materials is going to be held against me. I bet they take off points for using Schweser, those sick, twisted sadists.

I was honest 100% honest in my assessment of the exam. Like someone else mentioned earlier, “hopefully they don’t hold it against me.”

I got it too and gave an honest assessment about the morning paper.

I am assuming CFAI surprised with morning scores, otherwise why the do this survey. I didn’t hear about any survey in 2007. The question is what they intend do after survey respondes have been analyzed ?

I doubt it they started grading the papers yet.

havent started grading the papers…its been three weeks…wat are they waiting for …“CHRISTMAS”

Grading started last week.

I told them what I tough. My conclusion " The exam does not reflect the curriculum". Good curriculum, bad exam formulation questions.

I didn’t get the survey. I wonder how many they sent it to.

I didn’t get it either.

The sent a pre-servey exam and they told us the would have sent a post suevey exam, which they did .

Gooman Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Grading started last week. Just curious, how do you know? Or are you just asserting it? So what sorts of things did people say that “might be held against them.” BTW I don’t think things will be held against you, or else all future surveys will be compromised.