CFAI L3 Exam Registration- Greed & Unethical Business Practice

I want to register for 2015 L3 exam after passing L2 back in 2011. Probably many of you have seen the cost break down below, but I’m absolutely stunned. I do not understand why they currently use this pricing structure:

Registration $480/EBooks $150/Print Curriculum $150/Total $780

I am wasting $150 for eBooks I will never use. When you buy a shirt and the store forces you to buy shoes before you can get the shirt, then something is wrong. Why is it so complicated to have 3 options: Ebook, Print, Ebook + Print? Unethical… or maybe is called greed. The American greed which stamps the financial system.

Here’s CFAI’s reply:

This change helped to simplify our CFA Program pricing structure. It has also enabled the development and deployment of a wider variety of study tools for candidates which are bundled with registration. The additional study tools include: /////////Online topic-based practice tests and mock exams. This improved product replaces the Sample Exams (formerly $40 each) and will be made available free to candidates through our website. /////// A study planner that will help candidates assess the viability of their study plans and to stay on track with their progress toward exam day. /////////Apple and Android apps for convenient access to study tools. /////////

I am paying 150$ for the useless eBooks in order to get access to more useless study tools (except the mock exams). At the end of the day, my receipt will still show a forced unethical sell - Ebooks 150$. The image I was associating CFAI with drastically changed, my motivation to register for L3 exam also dropped. Ethical business practice for a non-profit organisation? No way.

If you register for any of the 3 exams, you will find yourselves in my situation. Please email CFAI because this mockery has to stop.

Shut up.

^ +1

Compare to the cost of an MBA and you’ll see that the CFA is astoundingly more affordable. You could likely obtain the charter for about the same amount as you would have to spend solely on text books in an MBA program. Quit whining.

Possible violation of the standards? Tarnishing the reputation of the Institute?

They are offering you free Practice-based test topics + full version of Mock exam.