CFAI material arrived today...

This CFAI material weighs a tonne! I’m going to take a peek at the material this evening just to see what I’m up against; can’t believe I’m actually keen on getting stuck into this… The evenings just aren’t the same anymore without my beloved CFA level 2 preparation lol…heck, I’m no geek, but this is getting ridiculous. How is it that I’m looking forward to studying again? K

Just curious have the L3 CFAI books about the same thickness / weight as previous years? I was comparing the L3 books to my L2 books from last year. I am under the impression that the L3 books were roughly 60% the thickness of the L2 books?

Your life is over. Say goodbye to your friends and family. You are CFA’s b1tch now. Suck it! Um, where am I?

CFAI Level 3 books relative to Level 2: no idea, the books are under my desk at work atm…I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to check out it later… I’ve heard that Level 3 is much more conceptual in nature than the formula-based monster that was Level 2; should make for a more entertaining read…(not!) I’m going to take it easy until January with this CFA Level 3 malarky; too much fun to be had playing sports…I actually took up tennis again this summer after the hard slog of Level 2…pity it’s Autumn now since the indoor courts are fiercely expensive! k

I’ve gone through some of the material. The L3 set is generally the least weight-intensive of the three levels (from what I can remember from my shelf back home). There appears to be a lot of stuff to memorize in L3.

Billy, A lot stuff to memorise: in the context of Level 2 is the material more in-depth? K

It appears to tie in a lot of the information from L1 and L2 into one package, i.e. where in previous levels you would have a standalone equity, derivatives and PM section, L3 appears to be more about applying equity and derivatives strategies to the PM process.

Cheers Billy, Only so much I can gain from asking others, I’ll just have to bite the bullet and browse the 2010 curriculum proper. One final exam and I’m done with this monster, I will show no mercy… K

Here’s a riddle for you… Let’s all put our creative minds together (we must be great otherwise how’d we get to Level 3 lol!) and help me out… How am I supposed to get home this evening carrying: * Crock-Pot slow cooker (3.5 litre model) * CFAI Level 3 curriculum * My backpack I can only make one trip home from work; neither of the above items are allowed to touch the ground from the moment I leave my work to the moment I arrive at my front door… Anyone? K

Put the books in the Crock Pot Put the Crock Pot in your backpack. Anything that doesn’t fit, carry.

Sorry forgot to add that the crockpot cooker is sealed in a box with loose items (not going to open it before getting home), plus it weighs as much as the CFAI books… I reckon I’ll have to pop a few 'roids to get them back since I’ve got a 0.5 mile hike from the nearest bus stop to my flat…I’ll be ripped come tomorrow lol K

How about this Put the books in your backpack. Carry the crockpot. I have a crockpot…it’s not that heavy…

Just what I was thinking NYC…:slight_smile: Going to have a busted backpack though since it’s looking pretty flimsy… K

I compared the L3 books this year vs last year btw - exactly the same height when stacked in a pile. On the crackpot issue = get a rope, put the crackpot box on top of the cfa books box, tie like a gift (use mad rope-knotting skills) and carry as one package.

>>I compared the L3 books this year vs last year btw - exactly the same height when stacked in a pile. >>On the crockpot issue = get a rope, put the crackpot box on top of the cfa books box, tie like a gift (use mad rope-knotting skills) and carry as one package. Afraid I didn’t have a rope, but managed with a little discomfort lol…that crockpot meal I made last night had better be good… CFAI Level 3 material: It’s quite a shock to see the order of contents: Ethics PM PM PM PM PM Going to do a few hours casual reading of the first PM book, just to see what I’m up against, per usual I’m leaving ethics to last. Anyone else actually started a brief page skim of the material? K

um= me. One noticeable change they made was that they put the answers to the EOC questions after each chapter instead of the end of the book. I enjoyed reading through the materials again. I started from SS13 and plan to go through the stuff I just fast-read during the last round and subjects I failed. L3 material really ties together all the levels pretty well. For me, the materials in L3 were the most useful to me in both my job (emerging market PE) and in managing my own portfolio. As I mentioned before and after I failed - I wouldn’t mind reading through these materials again. Taking the test again sucks though.

>> enjoyed reading through the materials again. I can take comfort from that then. Yep, it must be tough to take the exam again, but you’ve got the advantage of having been through the mill already; you’ll smoke it come June 2010. EOC answers: nice one, saves leaving through pages upon pages to get the answers. K

I just got mine. I especially like the fall looking scene on Volume 4.

hey guys, something odd is going on, I registered on sep, 21st, and the material is still not shipped! usually, it s shipped instantaneously! Is it due to the fact that I have not any sponsors, yet? by the way, what s this requirement of sponsorship, never heard of before! thanks, M

thats two days ago, depending on time you registered they might not have even gotten your request till yesterday. it takes a few days to ship - I’m guessing the registration deadline even longer.