Anyone attempted the CFA online mock. How tough is it. I attempted the Schweser Mocks 2 of them. Scored average 58-60%. In your opinion, is the CFAI Mock harder or better judgement of the exam and is it preferable to do it now or do it maybe on 2nd or 3rd after revising everything…How you all are scoring on that mock.

Please give me some guidance, need to decide today!


All The Best.


I found the CFAI mock a lot harder than the Schweser mocks. I scored 64% on it, whereas my average with Schweser is probably closer to 70%. I’d definitely attempt it as soon as possible though, there’s no better practice than using CFAI’s own mock…

Thanks James! Appreciate your help! All the best to you.

I scored on CFAI mock 74% ( am 80% pm 69%) i found them alot easier tha schweser my average was 63-65% on schweser

Thanks Khalifah!

Anyone else attempted the mock?

Expect the CFAI more difficult than the exam, so its a great test to measure your state

I just finished the AM session of CFAI Mock and got 41/60. (68%) Will give the PM session later since i believe that getting to know why i am wrong right after a session is better. i would say that the Wiley mock i gave a couple of days ago was a better representation of the CFAI mock. This is only my 3rd mock so far so I may do a 4th one of Wiley but apart from that i would want to finish the topic tests and do a few EOCs. I had got a 60% overall on the Wiley and got 53% on Schweser Vol 1-1.

That is a good approach i believe


I scored 72% in the AM test and 60% in PM. Did anyone else find the afternoon part harder ? Also, its not about the final exam being harder or easier compared to the Mock. They pass around 45 to 50% of the candidates, so harder the exam the better it is for candidates who are prepared.

Your first score on the mock does not matter. It’s how well you reviewed your “wrong” answers and learned from them. I did the cfa mock 4 weeks ago and got a 55%. I redid it 3 days ago and got a 87%. It’s not about the number its about how much you retain afterwards. I’ve done all schweser mocks too and my first scores are terrible 50- 60%.but doing the same questions again I never make the same mistakes because I reviewed the concepts I missed like crazy and end up with 90% when the first go was a 50. But to be fair cfa mocks are a lot closer to the actual exam than schweser especially in terms of the layout and the “big picture” stuff they love to throw in there. Good luck!!

Thanks for your advice. That is very true…you have to review your mistakes and keep in mind not to redo them.

The CFAI 2016 PM was definitely harder. WOWW, did that just mess me up.

PM was a freaking grind. Got a 67 on AM, 58 on PM. Went through it and made sure I was able to do every calc on the thing ex swaps, and feel pretty good now though. Been hammering topic tests and random mock sections since and doing pretty well.

Pretty consistent with everyone on here - 73% on AM, 63% on PM. PM was no joke…

I scored 70% (74% PM, 60% AM) and did not include wild card guesses or questions I had seen lots of times before in my scores.

I found PM way better! Lol

I thought I did a lot worse on AM than I actually did, as I was struggling with some of the Fixed Income questions (typical for me). Scored an 80% on it. PM is on the plate for tomorrow morning.

81/120, so like 67.5%, 44 in morning 73.3% and 37, 61.6% in afternoon

this is getting me stressed…