CFAI Online Qs

Anyone else getting destroyed by the CFAI online Qs?! My confidence level has touched the floor after attempting some of them. I’m getting 3 or 4 max out of 6! The difficulty level on there seems 5x higher compared to the EOCs, esp, given the wording and lenght of the question frown

Same here - I am actually setting myself a target of 4/6!

they’re tough - but I don’t know if it’s just me, it’s got more to do with the fact that the data is so unorganised and instead of struggling with concepts, I’m like - where the hell do I get x y z…

Hardest for FRA, EQ and easiest for corp finance

I’m getting slaughtered in these :frowning:

Anyone else getting his/her ass kicked? :frowning:

I definitely am, especially in FRA. For me at least, it’s a pain not being able to underline things as I’m reading, although I know I can print it out but I haven’t. I am really hoping this is not a true reflection of the difficulty level of the test. I posted about this in another chain, and someone said that these questions are harder than the actual exam, so that’s been giving me some hope.

Seems ok.

These are past mock exam questions, don’t get too discouraged.

They seem to be missing Multinational operations in FRA. And the whole FI topic is missing a large chunk.

I’ve just started with the topic assessments and I can’t understand how they estimate % correct?

My results for QM:

0% correct

Average score: 0% correct after 1 attempts

View assessment history 83% correct.


Absolutley - very underweight FI. And whatever was there, was wayy too easy for the real exam. I’d be amazed if FI is this straightforward on 6th

Their scoring system has gone bezerk - supposedly I’ve scored 0% in all topics and all vignettes. All my previous scores were lost this morning… Don’t worry move along

They are alright, except for FRA which are quite tough. I’m hoping for some more straight forward questions on June 6th (anybody tried the last FRA topical assessment? Jeez…)

I don’t know, CFAI mock and schweser mocks are quite easy on the FI side as well. I don’t know what type of question you are expecting.


Ummm…dunno, but judging from difficulty level of other topics, I am expecting this to be harder on exam.

Anyway, FRA on CFAI website is tough - very! very!

The Level 1 FI was miles beyond what I was expecting. Going in that was one of (what I considered) my strongest topics and I thought half of it looked foreign. I still managed a 50-70 but I was cruising in my FI prep and the exam was brutal.

They’ve seem to have had a lot of issues with the system over the past couple of days (Microsoft Sharepoint, what do you expect).

I’ve been getting pretty wiped on them as well, but the concepts are invaluable. The fact that they drill down so far should be great for jogging your memory on long-forgotten concepts and formulas. I don’t expect the real deal to be this challenging, but I guess anything is technically fair game.

I’m getting 0% in some of the vignettes as well, but when I drill down I can see what the score really was. Must be a bug in their stupid system.

I thought the last FRA assessment was a sneaky one as well (2/6 over this way!), but overall, I averaged slightly under 80% for all of the FRA assessments. The first derivatives, “Midway”, I thought was slightly confusing in the presentation of the material in comparison to how I remember EOCs being presented. Given that ones like this aren’t too common, I feel OK, so long as the real exam isn’t vastly different from these…

The FRA online assessments are great practice … although I am only scoring 3/6 on each one so I guess I still have some work to do. I feel these are way more valuable than schweser mocks from what I’m seeing. My thoughts are based on taking the exam last year the real exam is presented in a less confusing way than the assessments but the questions themselves were harder than EOC’s. Some of these online assessments are not the easiest to understand.

I wish they had more fixed income assessments. If FRA and fixed could possibly be worth the same amount on the exam it would be nice to have more than 3 fixed income assessments when FRA has 13