CFAI sample/mock + Schweser scores

So if people could please post their CFAI sample/mock scores and Schweser/Stalla etc avg scores… will help console a lot of us understand where we stand, and how the questions are different!

I got 78% on Schweser 2008 Book 6 Afternoon Exam 2. I scored 50% on ethics. Is it just me or schweser book 6 ethics is really absurd ?? I do ok on Qbank ethics, but schweser Book 6 ethics is kicking my A$$

I’ve been getting ~70 on Qbank. Book 7 Exam - 55% CFAI Practice Exam - 55% I feel so dumb!

what is CFAI practice exam. is it same as mock exam you buy ?

There are Mock exams and Practice exams. Mock does not give the answer after the question, Practice does.

Schweser Book 6 (only did 1 & 2) 73% ScwheserPro QBank averaging 79% with about 1500 questions done CFAI Sample exam 1: 80% I still feel like I’m going to fail… I need a hardcore review of FSA.

I’ve only taken the Schweser Book 6 AM Test and received a 73%. I’m taking PM today. Will post later.

On the Schweser book 6 I am averaging about 71% to 72%… with only 1 as high as 78%. On the 2 CFAI sample exams I have taken…68% on both. Will take the 3rd one today, and save the mock exams for next week…

Practice exam CFAi 1 - 46% exam 2 - 60% mock exam 46% Schweser - I did 4 or 5 60 q QBank all encompassing exams, med and hard questions, was getting 70s towards the end.

I have just done 2 60Q qbank intermediate + advanced and got 55 and 80… gonna take a few tests in the next one week… will keep this posted

I totally agree! Book 6 ethics sucks…and Exam 2 (PM) is particularly nasty. I had 20 total mistakes on that exam and 8 were on ethics! My results so far are CFAI Sample (60 Qs) 83% Schweser Exam 1 79% Exam 2 83%

Amber - I went to CFAi website, and they offer One free sample exam and mock exams that you buy ($60 a piece). Where did you get the CFAi practice exam ? is it available online ? free/purchase ?

I am sorry, I meant the sample exams. I did the free one and then the second one.

I got a mere 60 on the first sample exams… ! :frowning:

how many sample exams are there on the CFA website altogther?

3 sample 2 mock

I just finished CFAi free sample exam and scored 75%. I didn’t score very well on financial statements; there were lot of questions from first few chapters (format of statements etc.) and Qs were different from schweser tests where I score very good on FSA. Did anyone else feel the same ? I am going to read first few chapters on FSA which I thought I’d skip !!

amit_edge Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 3 sample 2 mock What is the difference btw sample & mock & does tis include the free one?

Sample is a 60q - displays answer after each question with explanation Mock is 120q - does not display explainations, only a final score at the end. one free sample

so you wont know where u went wrong with the mock? no review?