CFAI SAMPLES (not mock)

Anybody find these extraordinarily difficult? I got completely pummeled by them, way worse than mocks (even book 2 schweser which as i understand it is traditionally over the top hard)

failed the second one …passed the 1st …yeah the sample really were tuff and obviously i feel the second was tuffer

didn’t think they were that bad, I’m having much more trouble with the morning sessions at the moment

are you guys talking about the mini test versions? has anyone taken those?

what are yalls numbers!!! dont just say ahh yeah I did OK…what was your SCORE? I only took the first 30 question Sample Exam and got 66.

Just took Sample 1 and scored 80%. I don’t think it means much though… Such a small sample of data

I finished Sample 1 with 23/30 or 77 %. I do not find it difficult but just the opposite - it is a medium. Regularly I do not catch more than 65 % on other tests (Schweser and CFAI) - it was the same for L1&L2. I’ll make Sample 2 and write again. I was confused with two things: 1. Q15 is explain correctly, answer (in figures) is correct but the letter is wrong. Am I right? 2. Can somebody explain me the rational behind Q14?

…I scored 70% overall, 100% on ethics and 62.5% on portfolio management. Not too tough, I will say medium. My challenge is the morning session and risk management applications.(vol 5)

Haven’t taken these yet, but will definitely get around to it within the next few weeks.

Sample 2 - 21/30 - little bit more difficult than Sample 1. “I’m having much more trouble with the morning sessions at the moment” - what kind of trouble kurupt1?

70% on the second Sample. man that was tricky.

anyone who took the test last year know if they changed at all or are the same as last year’s samples?

It appears the 2011 “mock” is a combination of the 2 paid samples from 2010, I am pretty sure I remember seeing the same problems in last years samples. How fkn lazy can they get. Given this, I would tend to assume this years samples are different from last, but would need someone to confirm.

Can anyone who’s taken L3 Samples last year comment on this?

Seriously - what a waste of money!

Scores on CFAI Sample exams don’t mean a lot IMHO. I scored over 80% in all CFAI Samples last year and flunked the actual exam last year :frowning: Haven’t tried 2011 mock yet.

^ don’t waste your time on 2011 mock. Same as 2010 samples.

To me this is a huge atrocity. They preach their book about ethical conduct and all that other bullsht, then they go on to disadvantage repeat candidates by giving them effectively less preparation tools than new candidates. Nice job CFAI. inbead - those samples (this years 2011) was TOUGH for me, nowhere near 80… that has me worried that you did so well and still failed. I have done so much work preparing for this thing and I feel like it’s all a crap shoot anyhow when I read stuff like this. Ugh.

mark CFAIL, you will not FAIL