CFA's well done

A big hero’s honour and thank you to all the CFAs in Victoria Australia who risked their lives to save other lives and homes in the destruction of the recent bushfires last weekend. These CFAs deserve much mroe respect then any of us.


CFA = Country Fire Authority A much nobler cause!

the guys from the cat fanciers’ association also rule

niraj_a Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > ? My thoughts exactly.

niraj_a Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > ? My thought exactly.

i noticed it yesterday too

^ Ha ha ha Though I think the lettering is too bold and violates the code of ethics

AntonioY Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > the guys from the cat fanciers’ association also > rule naw they’re just a bunch of p*ssy’s

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi The Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) recently launched its Foundation Company Certification Program. Companies that earn the designation set themselves apart from their competitors and show customers they possess a high level of knowledge and experience in the concrete industry. The exam The Certification Committee worked to create an exam that would identify a significant level of knowledge of the industry - not a rubber stamp certification. The result was quickly verified following the first two official exams. This exam covers the knowledge foundation contractors should know in eight categories: safety, concrete, soils/excavation, footings, walls, moisture/waterproofing/drainage, backfilling/grading and building codes.

Looks hard “The CFA’s Certification Exam is no easy test. With 80 multiple choice questions examining concrete foundation knowledge in six categories, most contractors need the entire 2-hour allotted time period to complete the exam”

Sweet, I can be DanLieb, CFA CFA CFA, member of CFA CFA

Scando, thats for sure. I’ve alot of respect for them. Hopefully it’s all undercontrol before/if the weather heats up again. I think I’ll be joining once this exam has passed.

whats the finance scene in melbourne like?

pretty dead right now, not many jobs going, been a few layoffs

Yep. Although Im working overseas at the moment, the scene in melbourne is pretty bad. Quite a few of my ex colleagues have been layed off since. Certainly Macquarie has been laying off, and although not in the news, Goldman Sachs JBwere has been too.

CFAs love koalas kudos all around

CFA has a dance studio too, where the annual charterholder rave party is held

Robb Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > pretty dead right now, not many jobs going, been a > few layoffs Too bad, Id imagine Melbourne and Sydney would be great places to live and have a career. By the way I meet alot of snowboarders up here from OZ where do you guys manage to get snow?