They just put a Chik Fil A in San Jose and I went there for lunch today. They have STRAWBERRY FANTA on the gun.

Beat this order:

CFA Deluxe Spicy Chicken Sandwich(subbed out default roll with whole wheat)

Waffle Fries

Polynesian Sauce

Strawberry Fanta

Carrot raisin salad

***** Lunch right there

How many calories? sounds good.

^ Respect. I’m old school and stick with Orange Soda.

By the way Blake, I tried the infamous In and Out Burger. I was greatly disappointed after all the AF hype. It barely tasted a step above MCD.

I’m not picky though, threw back a Double Double, fries, and drink for $6.50. Not a bad price for lunch at all.

Got to go off-menu at In-N-Out. Animal style is the best.

i been having popeyes lately…delicious chicken…

Hmm. Maybe too many condiments?

Try a double-double with grilled onions and light spread. Their beef is low-fat (7% I believe) so it’s healthier but drier than 20%+ fat or whatever McD’s is (if it is even beef).

Accompanied with light fries and a vanilla shake.

You are young enough to not go into a diabetic shock after all those calories smiley

Damn now I want In and Out. (That’s what she said!)

Best chain fried chicken ever. I cringe whenever somebody suggests KFC… ugh.

Popeyes and chick fil a are probably my favorite fast food places.

idk…i have been getting people to have the KFC vs. Popeyes challenge…its mixed…lots of people think KFC is better…i like popeyes personally…

If you like Popeyes you should visit New Orleans and eat at the restaurants

Popeyes is publicly listed (AFCE)…decent business…not cheap though.

They have Popeyes at some of the rest stops on the NJ Turnpike. It is not the same as what you get from a “normal” Popeyes restaurant. I’m a burger guy though, so KFC and Popeyes are pretty much the same for me. I do like the waffle fries at CFA.

I’m not a fan of food restaurants, especially if I have to pay a premium. I’ll stick to eating their meals.

I hit up Willie Mae’s Scotch House this weekend, was pretty amazing.

How often do you guys eat junk food in the U.S./Canada? I remember living there and junk food seemed like the only option and I ate it every day basically. What to eat today…? McDonalds, Burger King, Carls Jnr, In&Out, TacoBell, DelTaco, Wendies, KFC. Subway was about the healthiest thing I could get and even that isn’t really that great.

I hate to think how huge I would be if I still lived in the US.

fried chicken is not junk food…its not healthy but not junk food…

Anyone know of this place called Heart Attack Gill? It was featured on one of the news networks here (CNN or CNBC), and it really fascinated me! Checking out this place is on my to-do list.

^ That’s in Vegas. It’s overhyped, overpriced, and not very good. Classic tourist trap.

Yeah, you want to add a place to your to do list go to Willie Mae’s Scotch House. That ish is legit. Definitely in the running for best fried chicken in America (it’s been voted that, but I’m willing to just say it’s in the running).

Where is it at BS?

New Orleans, 8th Ward, but if you’re ever in town it’s super legit. Also, get the Butter Beans with it. They were awesome.