Okaaay. If chicken has enough salt to desiccate somebody and more fat than Candy Crowley’s as_s, that’s your first warning you shouldn’t eat that.

I spend a lot of time in New Orleans and never been there. I’ll have to go next weekend.

Apparently I’m one of the few that thinks the food in New Orleans sucks.

No, I generally agree with you, the food there does blow. My friends and I were talking about it while down there. But the only legit good meal we had was at Willie Mae’s.

Check the hours before you go. Remember, butter beans and three peice meal. So good.

What did you eat there? I don’t hear people visiting say that about the food too often. I imagine if you don’t like seafood, unhealthy, or spicy food it wouldn’t be good.

The double double is a good burger I just don’t like the spread they put on there which is mayo based. I get ketchup and mustard instead. In and Out fries suck as well. They remind me of those old school planters potato sticks in the cannister…

I agree, i’m not a fan of the french fries either.

When I took the Level 3 exam in Dallas I had a double double immediately after the exam. The burger was ok. From what I can tell, The Big Lebowski did this brand the greatest favor ever.

In-and-out food tastes like home made food which is sometimes just what you want. I really liked In-and-out, something really wholesome about the place, short simple menu and everything is fresh.

Man, I’m so hungry now for one of those burgers and those chewy fries.

thanks for the blog comment cleverCFA and yes i did it myself but ofcourse the theories come from journals/other articles.

i’m a huge fan of seafood and spicey fried chicken

The fried chicken was good, but I’m gonna agree with STL, in all other departments, including seafood, I felt New Orleans came up short.

It’s only 10AM and I’m craving lunch! I may have to find a new chicken spot out in Midtown.

We must have vastly different tastes or you ate at tourist places lol This thread makes me hungry

Maybe, maybe not, but in comparison to most other major cities we’d been to (and we travel a fair amount), we just thought the food kinda sucked.

i was going to travel down south just to get some fried chicken…we don’t know how to do it up here in Toronto…

I heard they have a one day in -n-out burger event in London…lol ONE DAY

That was my bachelor life too. But that’s the cheap easy option. Here are some rules of thumb.

Almost any sit-down restaurant (non-fast-food) has better food as a rule.

But if it’s a chain then as a rule, the food will be fattier, more processed, more “industrial” mass-produced.

But chains run by Christian nutjobs have good food :slight_smile: In-N-Out, Chick-Fil-A. (Maybe it’s chains with hyphenated names.)

The farther away from California or New York City, the less good and healthy options for dining out.

You can almost always order a healthier version of whatever you are ordering - most fast food places that serve burgers (except In-n-Out) have a grilled chicken option. Mexican chains have beans, veggies, salsa.

Five Guys opened near my office recently and they make a damn fine bacon cheeseburger.

^ Yes.