CFAvsMBA's PSA - Arrest Records

This one goes out to those in the AF Brethren who’ve spent time in the tank.

We are being extorted my fellow brothers! Allow me to illustrate. Go to Google and type in “YOUR NAME MUGSHOT” and see what surfaces. If I’m right, some variation of the website,, or came up with your picture, name, date of birth, date of arrest, and alleged charges.

You see this and say, “WTF, this is right under my linkedin, I could lose out on a job opportunity/client/HCB due to this!” So you click on “Remove this Record” under your mug and come to a page where it is explained the web site host will be delighted to remove your record for the nominal administrative fee of $98. “Fcking Extortion” you bark as you bang your fist down on your laptop! I am being blackmailed.

Your fellow brother CFAvsMBA is here to help you out free of charge.

Click on “Apply for Free Removal” at the bottom of the page and fill in the respective form. I had a copy of my disposition from my case so I exported it to PDF and uploaded it (my deal was a plea bargain which they claim is not a valid avenue for free removal, but I tried anyway with a harsh toned email). Not even a minute later, my record was removed from the site on Labor Day which has me thinking they’ll remove it for any protest to prevent real legal litigation.

I have a feeling this site is preying on stupid people at the clip of nearly $100 per arrest record removal. However, I’m sure the DOJ/DOC/Legal System is going to crack down on this as a site is earning a profit off of the their proprietary public records (I feel commercial use is unethical and pushing the fair use doctrine).

Go and do likewise fellow miscreants. I’m sure I’ll get a few hacksaw comments with most of you saying, “Strip him of his Charter!” since no one else on this site would ever dare toe a legal line and risk arrest. But for those of you who have ‘friends’ who’ve been in the tank, share this wonderful tip with them.

CvM out and ready to chow some ribs with a new-found fresh appetite.

Respect. Will bookmark for next time prosty is an undercover

I owe you a purple drink bro

How much time did you do? County or prison? Crime committed?

I wasn’t sentenced to prison, I was in for awhile awaiting my trial until my momz bailed me out. I then entered into a plea bargain deal to lower the aggravating charges. It was a drug case via guilt by association.

That time spent awaiting trial was documented and 100% accurate on those sites listed above. It would surface in a google search which really pissed me off.

^^^^^You pass criminal background checks for financial jobs so it can’t be that bad.

Fortunately I live in Canada where we still have civil rights and shit like this is illegal.

What a brilliant idea. I’m gonna do something like this in India.

So no one else has cred around here?

I have plenty of “guilty by association” cred. But I wasn’t around whenever people got caught. I actually was with a group one day before a concert. They sold drugs to Lil Wayne’s crew AND THEN they tried to extort Lil Wayne. They had stolen something he valued from his studio during the hurricane ha ha. It was so funny to watch it all go down. Man, my grown up life isn’t nearly as interesting.

^ xplain.

That’d have to be a story in person. Some things just don’t belong written in stone.

Gentlemen, I don’t think this is anything to be bragging about. Smart people do not get arrested.

did you get drunk and try to touch an intern


I got arrexted in college over 12 years ago for trespassing and disorderly conduct. The charges were totally bogus and the judge withheld adjudication and my record was sealed. Also, I got hit with a DUI which I got reduced to a non-moving violation. Can either of these charges show up on these sites since they were sealed/reduced? They don’t show up on criminal background checks, at least not that I am aware of. I looked up my name but I didn’t show up.


I used to think the same thing. Then, after I got older, I realized that the majority of people that I knew had been arrested at one point. In fact, if you’re in the military and have NOT been arrested, you’re definitely in the minority.

Pal, check to see if your name surfaces when you google “YOUR NAME MUGSHOT.” If it does not, then you’re good. I was getting pissed off that my mug, charge, and arrest details were located at the top of a google search.

Not bragging Blake, I find it hard to believe I’m the only one on here who’s been to the tank. I want to help others clear their info from a google search and protect their reputation.

I am mostly embarrassed by these events. The arrest happened during college spring break by a cop who was going way beyond his call of duty. The DUI happened one night after a world series baseball game. It was my fault and have learned a valuable lesson by that event. If you guys ever get pulled over, do not incriminate yourself by submitting to a BAC test, no matter how much they threaten that you’ll lose your license for a year. Just let them haul you off, get a lawyer, plead not guilty and fight it in court. Nine times out of ten your lawyer will work a deal and you’ll get off without a trace that you were ever pulled over for DUI.

Depends if you’re in the business where getting arrested improves your street cred.

Followed your instruction; nothing showed up for me :slight_smile: