im seeing this commerical everywhere, they are pimping the hell out of the CFP. what are your thoughts that the CFA isnt really pimping itself as much?[video:]

I was one of the few that thought that the CFA Institute should have paid for an ad during the Super Bowl.

I’ve never seen it before now but that ad really pisses me off for some reason.

While I don’t believe that the CFP has much value for institutional folks (at best, it is a middle-to-lower middle-level credential), I still think that commercials like this do a disservice to people that do have a CFP designation.

I mean, can you imagine if various medical professional organizations made similar ads? You wouldn’t want to go to a doctor – you’d think, everyone in this field is a snake, based on the commercial alone.

I suppose in law there are these lower-level attorneys who are sleazy and put out crazy ads like this (such as personal injury lawyers and slip-n-fall scam artists – think Saul Goodman), but still may make more bank than more prestigious attorneys. This may be the legal analog, but I don’t see any governing bodies in these fields putting out ads like that.

That commercial wouldn’t make me feel better about hiring a CFP.

I disagree with the above. If I were un unaware client, and I saw that commercial, I would think, “Wow. Maybe I really should find out if my advisor actually knows what he’s talking about.”

And I’m considering doing the CFP thing in the future. Not because I necessarily think I’ll learn anything, or that it’s in any way “prestigious”, but simply because it’s a good marketing tool.

I don’t think the CFA needs to market itself–not to the public, anyway. I think CFA has done a good job of marketing. Just think–how many people think that CFA is a golden ticket to a Private Wealth Mgmt job at the corner office of US Trust, pulling in half a million a year? (Hint–go to to see.)

Agreed. I would complain directly to CFAI if they ever put a commercial out like this. This commercial implies that the financial advice/planning business is something that anyone can get into and does not evoke trust of financial advisors. It also implies that all financial advisors do is sugget diversification/asset allocation and their job is done. What a joke.

^ Can you link us? WSO has yet to approve my registration. I have a feeling this is a direct correlation to me marking “African American” on the registration form.

IF anyone want to see the most misleading designation ad, it’s this one:

Watch the video on the left about 1:40 in.

My wife is an accountant and we always laugh when this one is on TV. “How many times have you sited a real estate development from a helicopter honey?”

Attorneys are the worst. Here are a few examples I’ve seen in the mean streets of Manhattan.

  1. My boy got pinched for a DUI. He’s in the holding cell of the jail and some lawyer shows up for him. He’s like, “Who sent you?” The attorney said, “One of your friends called me.” Though the attorney could not recall the name of the friend. My boy ain’t dumb and dismissed him. Our guess is the cops and the lawyer have an under the table arrangement for arrests of BSDs.

  2. A bimbo I was seeing was in court for a DUI without representation. This used car salesmanesque Esq approaches her and says, “Hey, do you have a lawyer? You know, I could represent you, my client didn’t show up and I went to Harvard Law. In fact, I got someone’s DUI case dismissed last week. I’ll just need $3k for a retainer and yes, I take Visa.” She had more money than brains and handed over her check card. Needless to say I didn’t hang around her long.

  3. Another bimbo I was seeing was in court for driving through a school bus stop sign. Close to the same as above, but she signed the dotted line and handed over her Visa when she saw him casually drop his keys on the bench containing a FOB for a Jaguar, Mercedes, and BMW. She assumed he had to be the real deal with 3 luxury cars. I didn’t hang around long with her either.

Could you imagine CFAs stooping that low!? You’d have Seth Davis, CFA dialin’ and smilin’, “You know, I have a CFA bound by the highest industry ethical code and standards and though I can’t say it, I will say it, that I can personally guarantee you exceptional returns. Last week I made someone 1000% return on this penny stock, therefore you should expect similiar returns.”

this guy?

CvM, beside the fact she got a DUI what is wrong with paying someone to represent you? Was it the fact he didn’t go to Harvard, but she trusted him? I know 3k for that sort of representation is in the ball park. I paid 1.5k and got off.

Poor guy is going to have 100 views on his profile and will be wondering what the heck he did…

Ain’t nothing wrong with paying a lawyer to represent you. I have plenty on speed dial ICE. What killed me is she told me, “I can’t afford an attorney, I’ll just roll the dice,” but then got duped by the Harvard Law grad who solicited her just outside the courtroom. His website mug looks like he should be selling cars or hanging with slick willie.

So you can be a BSD H-Bomb Lawman, rubbing elbows w/ future presidents and still slum around the local courthouse picking up court cases like basketball games at the rucker? Did he get her off?

^ somehow, someway, he did. True hustler.

If he did then he’s not a hustler…he’s a lawyer doing his job, no?

He hustled the client. Then hustled a not guilty verdict. DUI’s are pretty airtight in most states; erradict driving, field sobriety tests, first breath test, arrest, second breath test/blood/urine. Kinda hard to refrute all of that when they have both observed and measured impairment evidence.

See the Have You Been Drinking thread.

If I ever was in need of a lawyer, I always figure the street hustler type would be more effective than the downtown highrise suit guy. Especially on something like that.

How does the DWI hustle work exactly? Lawyer pays off the judge?