Chalk & Board thoughts on effectiveness for level III?

Hi guys. Has anyone used Chalk & Board videos or Essay prep for Level III and passed?

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Here’s the thing OP. I used Chack & Board for levels 2 & 3, and had a 100% pass rate on both attempts. I literally did the impossible and went from pizza delivery driver to CFA Charterholder and portfolio constructionist guru. All thanks to, Nathan Ronen of Chalk & Board.

OP, the only thing standing in between YOU and the CFA Charter, is, the essays. Now, I don’t need to mention to you that there is a specific way the CFA institute wants you to think about certain topics & answer certain questions. Nathan Ronen completely understands this, and his entire video lecture series is predicated on the years of experience he has from grading papers. That means, the way in which he will teach you the material is formulated around the way in which they ask the questions.

Mark Meldrum doesn’t do that, you know why? He doesn’t have the charter. The guy’s never taken the exam (let alone graded them), so how in the world do you expect him to know what the exam looks like, and then give a lecture series that is pertinent to HOW to pass the exam. You feeling me? Yeah, some players will say “Oh, but Meldrum has a PhD”. That’s like saying you KNOW how to drive a motorcylce just because you can assemble one… you’d be wrong.

I’m not gonna waste any time with Nathan’s blurb, he’s obviously skilled with the material. So, here’s my main selling point. YOU pay a THOUSAND bucks, in order to get around the clock custom concierge coverage to anything you need to know. You know how many Friday nights I would text Nathan for help on things, snap him a picture of something I was working on, and then literally three minutes later I have Nathan in my ear explaining things to me in a way that I still understand/know today?

No one else in the business does that. So, you get what you pay for. I was 27 years old, and on level three wanted to get the HELL out and to the other side.

Couldn’t have done it without Nathan.

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i like chack too. Chack and coke together is great study time.

Fortunately, the graders don’t dock you marks for misspelling.

My comments are based on my participation in Nathan’s Level 3 course at NYSSA several years back. I believe Nathan is currently at Chalk and Board.

• Nathan strategized optimally to really get the maximum bang-for-the-buck in terms of the effort that the class was investing. Each lecture/session was well researched, well taught with a clear cut plan.

• As a coach, Nathan had an awesome focus on results. The objective was to pass L3, nothing more, nothing less. I liked that laser-sharp focus of teaching the curriculum with a strong emphasis on the essay component.

• Brevity and presentation to senior management are critical for passing the L3, and it is important to unlearn some habits that might have served folks well in the previous levels. This was very clearly articulated, and literally drilled into our heads. That did help.

• Overall Nathan is a highly effective instructor. I do wish some of Nathan’s practical, street-smart techniques could be taught to PhD folks who are aspiring to join academia or who are already teaching Finance.