Chapel Hill Bound - Headhunter help?

After months of waiting to see where my girlfriend would match for her medical residency, we found out last Thursday that we’re heading to Chapel Hill. Does anyone have any advice on job-hunting in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham? I have a list of firms I’ve scoped out in the area, but wondered if I should send them my resume cold or if I should contact a headhunter that specializes in the region. Anyone know any good headhunters focused on that region? I’m currently an associate in sell-side equity research and CFA charterholder, and looking to make the move to the buy-side. Thanks!

Congrats! You are going to be ina great place to live.

I agree with Joey, Good times in the Triangle

Good luck. Just moved out of that area.

Thanks, I’ve heard its a really nice area, can’t wait to get down there. What is the best way to find a headhunter that focuses on the Raleigh/Durham area and the buy-side? Never used one before so not sure how to get started. Thanks!

It’s not really a hub of finance - it’s a hub of scientific research, academia, and medicine. It’s hard to believe there are any finance headhunters that specialize in research triangle area. I think I would do a job search in the more old fashioned-way. One of the problems that you will have is that there are a whole bunch of quant types from Carolina and a couple of other minor, lower quality universities in the area one of whom has a basketball team that damn near lost to Belmont who want to be in the area and MBA’s from Carolina, and some other business school I forget who want to stay in the area. Combine that with not much finance and the job market might be tough.

Joey, did you do your post grad work at Carolina?

Joey - thanks for the insight, that’s very helpful. For some of the larger firms like BB&T Asset I can monitor the job postings on their websites, but what’s the best strategy to get my name in front of the smaller firms that don’t post opportunities on their websites? Is it bad form to send an unsolicited resume to a firm I’m interested in? I’ve pretty much been at the same firm the past 5 years so I’m a bit inexperienced with the job-hunting thing, especially with out-of-state jobs…

I don’t think it’s ever bad form to send a resume and a cover letter. It shows you are entrepeneurial. Besides, headhunters aren’t cheap (20% of first year salary is common). Every firm in the world would rather hire talent without a headhunter.

FIAnalyst Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Joey, did you do your post grad work at Carolina? Yes. Actually, I went down there to play basketball with Michael but the pu$$y never responded to any of my challenges for a little 1 on 1. Wuss.

I too spent some time there. I’m actually going to be in Charlotte for the sweet 16 / elite 8. Should be some great games

jrh, what’s your list, i work for a hf in chapel hill.

Congrats to you and your gf

MFE - I’ve been researching the following firms in the region: BB&T Asset Management Duke Management Company Morgan Creek Capital NCM Capital Franklin Street Advisors Piedmont Investment Advisors Oak Value Capital Management Silverback Asset Management Cardinal Capital Management First Citizens Bank Capital Management PRI Investments Are there any others that I should look into?

i would add Smith Breeden to the list. i know they are looking for someone with CMBS experience.

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Fidelity moved significant operations to Durham. You might discover a higher level position or two there. Most of the firms I’ve seen in the area are wealth management. If you and your girlfriend are willing to commute, you could look at Charlotte and live in the Greensboro area. It is about 1hr 15 mins to Charlotte and about 50 min to Chapel Hill. This would at least broaden your prospects. I did the Greensboro to Charlotte commute for a while and it is not too bad.

Why would anybody want to live in Greensboro when you could live in Chapel Hill?

JoeyDVivre Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Why would anybody want to live in Greensboro when > you could live in Chapel Hill? To work in Charlotte… but yes, life in CH quite nice.

Thanks for the advice, Hueion. I hear what you guys are saying - Charlotte isn’t too far off and I’ve heard its got a pretty good financial job market, but definitely loved the Chapel Hill area in terms of living there. Hopefully I can find a job in Chapel Hill or Raleigh/Durham so I won’t have such a bad commute…