Charlottesville white nationalists rally

Do you guys support this?

Not that I think nationalism is a good movement, but in fairness, if BLM, feminists or Bernie Sanders “free tuition” students can march and be called free speech, white nationalists should also be allowed to do this. I don’t see anywhere in the article saying they incited violence or vandalized property, unlike some other protests for other movements.

Some of the people in the article condemned the protest as “visual intimidation”, which is a double standard if they don’t say the same if all marches. Instead, they should just debut the nationalist point of view, while acknowledging (and probably still denying) their demand.

Part of the problem in my opinion is the slow diminishing of policy makers and politicians who stand in the center(if there ever was any ).

This polarizing of politics to this extend is just ruining whatever progress was made at some point .

I support the right to peaceful protest but don’t support that group or almost any other group that has rallied in the recent past (I’ll always tune in for a Trump rally though).

If they’re peaceful, they can gather. Just like any other group. I’m old school, and believe that the best remedy for bad speech is more speech.

Of course Donny has to make some vague statement about coming together because if he singles out the Nazis it’s political suicide for him. That must feel nice. 2017 and literally can’t call out Nazis.

Looks like someone drove a car into a bunch of anti-racist protestors, so chalk one up for the NRA.

Not a great day!

I’ve always wondered whether the Confederation flag and the memory of Gen. Lee are the nationalist symbolism in the US.? If it is, why? Can someone clarify? Thxs

“We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Lets come together as one!” - President Trump

Well said President Trump! Very glad we have a leader who is trying to bring our country together!

I agree with you on everything but this shameful event happened just now

I agree with you on everything but this shameful event happened just now

Spoke too soon wise man ohai

Religion of peace, barbaric infidels yada yada

I wonder how many there are there to promote White Supremacy, and how many people are there who just don’t what the statue removed & history rewritten?

all over the south, the majority of the populace wants to preserve monuments and a small amount of Liberals want them removed. It would be interesting to know what’s actually happening there, rather than hearinG CNN state anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders is a Racist Nazi


i like this guy! He can stay.

Lol, these dudettes are batshit crazy


“No intimidation”

“Peaceful protest”

Seriously guys, the rest of the world is watching the US and we just can’t fathom how far your world has strayed from common sense.

Fortunately for the US, common sense does not exist for a while

in the rest of the world

and a lot of greater sh*t happens.

Lee was a cool dude. It’s a shame he’s being dishonored like this. I appreciate the sentiment that him and the confederate flag are historical and not necessarily racist. The dukes of hazard wouldnt be able to be made these days.