Charter Application / Professional References

It says we only need two references if one is a member of our local society. How does that get verified? Both of my references and completed their assessment but my application says I’m stuck in step 5: references, and I can’t submit the application. Do the reference submissions need to be verified first before the application can be submitted?

Any Ideas? I have two references completed, but my references section says “In Progress”

The CFA Institute is experiencing a few technical difficulties at this time, and is individually reviewing/confirming each reference. Your patience is appreciated.


Ah got it - so the references need to be reviewed and approved before I can submit my application and pay dues?

And how do they know/verify if the references are CFA members?

Looking at your username, this response gave me a chuckle (because I don’t think you’re kidding).


Don’t you think they maintain a database for this??

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Looking at your username, this response gave me a chuckle (because I don’t think you’re kidding). #facepalm

Why? If all I enter for a reference is that his name is John Smith and his email is, how will they verify that he is a charterholder?

How so? When I submit my references, there is no option for me to identify who is or is not a charterholder. Is there an option when the references complete their assessment, can they check a box on their end stating that they are members?

LOL - I just got off the phone with the Institute I had same issue, so go back to your reference page and make sure you hit the “Send Email” button, once an email is sent to the references they (the references) have to fill out some form and submit it, after they submit it you can actually continue.

That’s a lot of Miatas!


my references are complete, they got the email and submitted their forms, but I still can’t submit my barter application. I have two references, but my question is how do they know one is a member of my local society?

A word to those who will be applying for membership… do it early.

Didn’t ever cross my mind to do so, but now that I passed L3, it’s frustrating to have to wait to update everything.

Turned in references and submitted application on the 20th and the CFAI approved work experience within a few hours. However, my local society meets at the beginning of each month and said they will notify me around the 10th of September. The hard part is over, but I have to keep waiting. It’s completely my fault, but those of you sitting for L3 next year, apply for membership now!

That’s why I did all that in May. I even in may (pro rata), and then had to pay again in June for the new year lol…

Anyone know any contact in CFA Seattle society ?

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Dam… well I thought I failed so didn’t plan early but fk I’m stuck in this waiting boat I guess

Didnt you think it might be bad luck. Bad karma? WTF?

How long does it take to get the Charter mail after paying membership dues?

Does this impact receiving the paper charters?

Could someone enlighten me about the questionnaire the reference providers will have to fill in? Is it a yes/no questionnaire, or do they have to write qualitative description about me?

Reason I’m asking: I have to reach back to supervisors/colleagues prior to 2014, so I’ve not worked with them for 5 years now, plus none of them is a Charterholder so not sure how much they know about the whole thing. I want to give them a thorough explanation when asking them to provide references for me.