Charter Size...

Received via mail my Charter from the local society; it’s the size of standard paper (U.S.: 8.5" x 11"). Fairly disappointed. Does anyone know if the CFAI will still send the “standard” larger Charters we’re so familiar with? Looks like a weekend seminar certificate!

I recall seeing a thread last year about how they’d shrunk it but you also get a bigger one later on. Maybe this year they’ve just gone to just the small one, another cost saving effort like how they now print the curriculum on tracing paper

I bet that you’ll receive the standard large charter in the mail. It’ll come in a sturdy poster tube that’ll also serve as a leg for your coffee table.

I received mine sometime before Christmas last year.

oh yeah you will get the bigger one in a poster tube. Very professional. The poster tube that is. High quality.

HAHA! TRUE THAT! Not to mention charging 3X for it than before…!

anyone received their local society or CFAI charter yet?

Honey, they shrunk the charter!

NYSSA hasn’t sent me nothin, nor has CFAI.

I received the small version of my charter from the Philly CFA society. They refered to it as “a framable copy of the charter” and (just like mentioned above) it was the size of a regular piece of paper. The small version was nice, but I am really looking forward to receiving the real thing in December.

a colleague told me that the CFAI ones start getting posted out mid to late December. I must have missed that email amongst all the social media campaigns…

The email confirming the charterholder status stated that time frame of mid-to-late december. We´ll have our Charter Award Dinner in Germany tomorrow, looking forward to receiving the small one first from the local society.

I got the small version at the Charter Award Dinner along with the assurance that I will get the large version later. The small version was scanned and quickly added to the collection.

Worth going to your Charter Award dinner if you can as the full size charter will require an industrial size scanner.

So I emailed the institute to find out when I could expect my charter and got the reply below:

Dear Monito,

Thank you for contacting us and congratulations on earning your CFA designation. The order for your charter was placed with our printer on 14 November and a timeframe of 6-8 weeks for printing and shipping is requested. Your charter was shipped from our printer on 3 December and will be sent via regular mail service to the address listed as your CFA primary address at the time the order was submitted.

If you do not receive your charter within the requested timeframe, please contact us and we will forward you information on ordering a replacement.

Hopefully I’ll get in time for Christmas, so I can frame it ( and hang it on the wall behind me during the Christmas Dinner so everyone knows I am guaranteed to deliver superior investment returns all day every day.

Okay, but seriously the frames are super nice, and they do ship outside the US just ask.

And as to the size of the Charter, it’s more super size than standard at 17" X 22"

Can anyone confirm that this year’s charter is still 17x22 inches? Might want to order a frame in advance before it arrives. Thanks.

Got the large one in the mail today!

Got my small one at the local Society ceremony today. Then, my society rep. told me that there’s no big charter anymore, and I come and see this. dafuq

There sure as hell better be a large one! I worked wayyyy too hard to not have something to prove that I’m better than my chartlerless coworkers and that I can provide superior returns.

I just got mine in the mail today - it’s approximately enormous (or about 2.5x larger than my undergrad degree). “CFA Institute” is written in size 196 font.

EDIT: Measured it to be 17 x 22 (in freedom units).

I have no clue when I will get mine :open_mouth:

On what address should I contact them??

Thanks for the measurement.