How pervasive was cheating at your colleges. Im just curious, because i was part of a boston consortium that includes taking courses at BU, Northeastern, and Brandeis and lets just say i had an interesting experience at one of these predominately jewish schools.

Define cheating.

whispering in chinese during a test.

thought the thread was about the other “cheating” yawn

itstoohot Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > thought the thread was about the other “cheating” > yawn Same here. Any idea how prevalent that form of cheating is at aforementioned universities, “BCEagle10”?

I remember using a pin/needle to scratch formula onto a plastic ruler to help pass a statistics exam in university. To see the formula I had to tilt the ruler at an angle to catch the light. Thinking back, it must have been very apparent, to anyone watching, what I was doing. How I didn’t get caught I’ll never know. Not that I’m saying the above is cheating. Just an innovative method of adapting to the situation where I hadn’t studied enough :wink:

more common than you’d think (depending on your threshold), especially for at a top tier school.

itstoohot Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > thought the thread was about the other “cheating” > yawn Wait until numi, nuppie, and soppppispospispsipsopsipspsospiipsisppsiop get involved.

I remember the days when I was teaching. The happiest moment I had was when I caught someone cheating. Man it felt good to crush those cheaters and make them wish they never messed with mo34.

Athletes and graduate students.

coming from a eastern european background where university exams were proctored CFA-style (teachers walking around looking for ingenious cheating devices and trying to get you busted), it was pretty weird to me when my college teacher in the US gave us the take-home abstract algebra midterm and was like, “please, no discussions with anyone, no reference to other books or the internet, and don’t open the textbook.” i was so shocked at this attitute i think i forgot to even cheat then. got used to the honor system later though

This type of stuff can happen at any school, as the professor doesn’t typically police the exam room and often doesn’t even show up to the exam…just lets the TA’s handle it, who usually sit outside the room. However, I didn’t think it was that rampant at my school, not necessarily because people didn’t care about grades (they did), but rather because people were worried about loss of face, I’d think. The culture at my school was fairly happy-go-lucky on the surface and nobody wanted to be the person to cause too many waves in public, but it was fairly normal to hear talk about others when they weren’t around.

All the time and everywhere!! Humans are by nature lying, cheating and stealing machines.

I remember reading a study conducted on “cheating” at the graduate level and the conclusion was that MBA students were the worst.

“A study of cheating among graduate students, published in 2006 in the journal Academy of Management Learning & Education, found that 56 percent of all M.B.A. students cheated regularly - more than in any other discipline. The authors attributed that to “perceived peer behavior” - in other words, students believed everyone else was doing it.”

The only time I witnessed cheating in college was on the final exam for the accounting class everyone had to take. People used those TI-85 graphing calculators and loaded them up with information. It was so ridiculous.

I programmed half of my Managerial Accounting textbook into my graphing calculator. haha - it was hilarious.

I cheated a lot in college. I just didn’t care about most of the courses. No regrets. We were able to take classes in other colleges around our area and one of them happen to be a top liberal arts college. When we took tests the profressors left the room and nobody cheated. Felt odd.

Wow. I am sure I must have tried to cheat once or twice in my whole academic career, surely I must have, at least I when I was too young to think about things like honor and integrity, but honestly can’t remember if I ever did. Maybe in college I didn’t fully cite a source a few times, although I never took someone else’s work and said it was my own. Maybe that’s why I’m still hanging out here on this forum, instead of testifying before Congress in my nice swanky suit.

When I was at Harvard I smoked weed every day, I cheated every test and snorted all the yay. It ain’t called cheatin’ if you don’t get caught.