Chicken Tikka vs Fried Chicken


equals in their own right

when done well, both can be mind-blowingly mind-blowing.

I don’t ever recall an awesome AF member named “Fried Chicken”.

I’m pretty sure AF ChickenTikka spends his time now passed out in a mound of cocaine surrounded by unconcious prostitutes.

Good to hear he’s settling down.

On topic, I’ll have to go with fried chicken but just barely.

haha I bet CvM would like

Fried, just can’t beat it

To the original question–fried chicken > chicken tikka.

But chicken fried is the greatest of all. If there’s not chicken fried steak in heaven, then I don’t want to go.

There was a restaurant I’d go to in San Antonio that had the best chicken fried steak, and if you went on the right day of the week it was like $7-8 at lunch. Of course all I wanted to do after lunch was take a nap, but still. Worth it.

For any topic, it’s painful to think I’m sitting in the same camp as Rahul Roy, hippo or vicky_uncool but…


^^Remember the name? Chances are I’ve been there. But the best in San Antonio is at Good Time Charlie’s.

If it was the place with the giant cinnamon rolls, theirs is good but not great. (It was on Man vs Food, but I can’t remember the name of that place.)

edit - Lulu’s Bakery. I had to google it.

I have never liked chicken fried steak. Fried chicken is great though.

i have a chicken tikka wrap almost everyday for lunch. But fried chicken is soo tasty too…

Chicken Tikka is the best and healthiest option though.

Josephine St. Cafe

Fried Chicken kills you faster than Chiken Tikka, so although fried Chicken has a slightly higher pleasure density function, Chicken Tikka will integrate to a higher total pleasure over the course of a lifetime.

if Fried Chicken = heart disease and accelerated schedule for Heart Attack, and Chicken Tikka = Prolonged heart disease and high cholesterol, high BP, longer duration to maturity

A case can be made that anti-utility taken in bullet maturity with actually have higher net pleasure than a the chicken tikka scenario with the large amortizing anti utility taken in PV, as chicken tikka will be eliminated from the diet at a certain point. Therefore one should YOLO.

No one is factoring in gravy. Fried chicken comes with better sides. Good gravy is like liquid crack.

In chicken tikka’s defense, naan is also a great side. It’s just not gravy good.

With a chicken tika wrap you get mint yogurt, garlic sauce and chilli sauce. 3 > 1 therefore CT better than FC surely.

uh I’m with STL on this one … good gravy is hard to beat

is that the one with the tree in the middle? Theirs was pretty good, IIRC.