Hi CT, There’s something I would like to talk to you about. Since the PM option is no longer available, is there any way I could contact you other than a public, anonymous forum? Let me know. Wish you a happy new year.

Edit: I just realised some members will be quick to point out that this seems gay. Well, all I can say is, it’s nothing of the sort.

Not gay because you two are not the same gender??

LOL. Not gay 'cause it’s business.

Damn, I can see some of the comments coming. Haha. At least I hope CT is willing to contact after all the trouble I’m gonna go through for sure.

I’m not hiring any level 1 candidates, if that’s what you’re asking about :slight_smile:

LOL! No no, not at all. This is actually something that you would be interested in, believe me. You know Mr. * (think CFA society, *)? He’s agreed to cooperate in what I am trying to do.

spit it out man.

there aren’t many indians here.don’t worry we won’t steal your idea

Uh… It’s not 'cause of the idea itself, actually. It’s simply about maintaining anonymity. I will need to contact CT directly, if he is willing, and just need to know how. The idea itself is simple - it’s related to *. So I don’t wanna go into details here. Maybe I’m being slightly paranoid, but it’s the internet. No harm in being cautious.

And CT, in case a * doesn’t sound worth your time, I’d like to reiterate that Mr.* has agreed to cooperate. I do hope you know who I’m referring to, 'cause then you’d know it ain’t a waste of time.

I have not been to a single society event so I don’t know this guy except for what his linked in profile says. I doubt I’d be of much use but you can email me on:

Thanks, I’m emailing you now.

Solid name and idea. Not gonna participate though as I don’t have any desire to be on anyone’s radar even anonymously. The less anybody knows about what I do in India the better.

There are lots of Gora’s around though who would probably jump at this sort of thing. Check the bulge bracket firms, they usually have at least one or two.

Do let us know when you get it up and running, i’ll be interested to read it.

Wow, thanks for your feedback! That was unexpected. I’m somewhat disappointed that you aren’t interested, but I do understand. Could you refer me to someone similar? This is my main problem - I don’t know ANYONE. Thankfully BD accepted the same proposal that I gave to you, and I’ll request him for introductions later (he won’t be able to spare the time for a fortnight). Meanwhile, do you think you could help? BB websites do not have contact details. You have my email ID, you can contact me there if you think there’s anything you could do.

I want to know what this is about!!! crying

can’t be that good…this person is asking some anonymous person they don’t even know about it…there are over 1 billion people in India and some guy from AF forum is all you can find…

to op,

In the future, drop a ‘no homo’ after your request so the directive comes off as 100% not gay.

Lol… Gotcha. Although I did add a line at the end of the original post, but yeah, “no homo” sounds like a good tag line. haha.

Bad start to the new year when I see that people actually lookup to CT…

Interesting. Maybe this is about a conspiracy to bring down the Indian government.

Chicken Tikka, the global penetrator NRA member (Non Resident American)

Creating such a suspense wasn’t my intention, but damn I’m loving it.