China's "Social Credit System"

this is freaking great. this needs to be tested out in the USA ASAP.

i dont see much downside here. do you?

I’m torn on this. On the one hand this is automatic 1984 from a nation that already uses political “criminals” as organ donors. On the other hand people in the US are acting like slobs and this will be immediately abused.

Youtube link for people that don’t want to use glitchy facebook.


China’s recent past (notably the Mao era) makes me really nervous about some of the negative consequences of the social credit system; could be pretty Orwellian.

That said, I think some elements of this could and probably should be adopted in the US. Simply could be rebranded as the “Not Being an @sshole System.”

In the US, if you are found to be a pedo or some other criminal, you get recorded and go in some database. So the US does have a much lighter version of this system. However, a stricter system is hard to implement here, as it is quite hard for us to agree on what constitutes positive or negative behavior and in what degrees.

I mean, it’s not that complicated and definitely a good idea. First order of business we start tracking all these pedos for criticizing our fearless POTUS and cut their internet access. If it keeps up, use them for organ donors, it’s the Chinese way. Igor’s right, not much downside here.

Honestly I think I have a great judge of character.

Character is hard to define but easy to see.

Nery is right. He spotted gold digger from a mile away. For the trained expert, one or two grinds is enough to know the chick’s true intentions. Although he ultimately threw bitcoin guy under the bus and allowed him to be a cuck, it doesn’t mean he didn’t know what’s what.

Bruh he is just trying to get it in. I didn’t know he was going to get trapped.

You use gold diggers like toilet paper. One and done.

nery wouldnt make it in china

Or I would behave. I can change my behavior really well but only for a short time and only if there is either a punishment or a reward.

you are not efficiently using toilet paper!

So either, 1) you didn’t know the extend of gold digger’s conviction, or 2) you knew and left your friend to his fate. So, either you have good intentions but were inadequate as a judge of character, or you are a good judge of character but were a bad friend. Have to choose one of these.

lol relax ohai. I was totally kidding. I’m not a judgmental pos.

With that said I am generally a shitty person. But when it comes to friends, sometimes I am less shitty. And in those times, they really appreciate having me as a friend. Cuz I get shit done

another viewpoint

What about it, I didn’t really see any other view point there? The country locks up and re-educates Muslims (which is where they’re trying this out), utilizes forced organ donations from “political criminals” and is now spinning this unchecked lockdown as something other than what we all know it is. I highly recommend people advocating for this while p*ssing and moaning about “fascist Drump” go live where they’ll be happiest and free in China. I hear it’s beautiful this time of year.

dont knock it til u try it

China is actually quite nice. We could easily pick lots of facts about America that looks scary. We are just used to those facts though

^I’ve traveled extensively through China Hong Kong through the main land manufacturing cities over two decades. HK and Shanghai are nice if you’re into police states. People Calling it quite nice have never ventured to an industrial hub because the majority of mainland is a categorical sh*thole. Landing when flaps are out and you can’t see the ground 50 ft below you. Can’t see the top of 4 story buildings or to the end of blocks. The human rights abuses and organ donors from politics criminals are not “cherry picked” and anybody with half a clue about anything there knows the corruption cleanse when do consolidated was essentially the night of long knives.

I’d love for you to try it.

I’ve watched plenty of YouTube videos of all the cities over one decade. And it doesn’t take cherry picking data for United States either.