The last thread about who is visiting pope made me wonder about how many different forms of christianity is practised in the united states.People seem to have totally different forms of it,I am confused

There are dozens if not hundreds. So long as you believe Jesus was the son of god and fully devine and not just some dude that said some cool stuff, you’re Christian. All the other stuff is noise. Some religions don’t allow dancing (yes, Footloose is basically a true story), while others are extremely progressive.

^Kinda what Sweep said.

There are dozens of different denominations, and within the denominations, there will be different beliefs about certain things.

Even if you take one church congregation and ask them, “What do the words Thou shalt not kill mean?”, you’ll probably get 100 different answers. (Abortion, capital punishment, self-defense, military, doctor-assisted suicide, etc,)

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There are mainly two types of Christianity in the US .Trinitarian and non-trinitarian. Most Christians in the US believe in a trinitarian baptism, but there are some groups like Mormons who do not beilieve in the trinitary. but yeah there are probably thousands of types practiced

and the main difference between Christians and Catholics is that Catholics believe in transubstantiation

yeah - which is different from the Catholic church, who has a Cathechism which describes every notion. Its 1 answer from them. If you really want more info, you can get the Companion to the Cathechism which lists every reason for every rationale in the Cathechism . This is primarily from church councils, committees, scripture, and (gasp) dogma. Self defense isn’t murder - no religion believes that btw

ok so we figured out religion is a scam. that ws fast

Oh, I’ve always been confused, and am happy to remain that way. Only 32% of Americans believe in strict evolution by natural processes (not guided by Thor or Jezus or whatever). I’ve got no clue what specifically the 68% believe, don’t care…

How can you actually learn beyond a certain point about life in general and still believe in religion ? I take budhism out of the equation but other religions as far as I can tell have no payoffs in helping humans evolve, some people where I come from believe sodomy causes earhquakes,thats why they always hate homosexuals,some others believe god is somewhere in the ceiling punishing us for the bad we do and rewarding us for the good we do.

Its faith man, faith.

They don’t call it faith for nothing.

I think you may actually care. This breaks it down nicely.

The trend is strongly in favor of evolution.

^ Yeah, but it’s still only 19% believing in evolution. A massive 42% believe God created humans in present form. Never mind all those homo erectus bones…

^this cant be real

Buddhism is a good example but there are other examples too.

Hinduism was born out of Philiosophy and teaches people how to let go, Jainsim preaches equality amongst all living beings, Sikkhism teaches you if a man is down, you give him your hand.

I don’t know anything about Christianity or Islam but I assume they have certain features like this as well.

Four Great Religious Truths:

  1. Muslims do not recognize Jews as God’s chosen people.

  2. Jews do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah.

  3. Protestants do not recognize the Pope as the leader of the Christian world.

  4. Baptists don’t recognize each other at Hooters.

Wait, how is it people can just say “it’s faith” and somehow, that enables them to skip the question?

Like if you were to ask, ok so humans suddenly popped up 10k years ago. How did this happen? Did 1000 people just materialize from the air? How is this plausible without any sort of proof, and against overwhelming, scientifically vetted evidence that contradicts this?

Oh, it’s faith. Wait what?

Let me ask the woman, since she believes this stuff. Okay, here’s her answer…

God created the Earth, then he took some dirt in both hands, and he breathed on it, and one human materialized from the dirt (not from thin air, and not 1000 humans). He only created the dude this way. Then when the dude was sleeping he took one of his ribs out (how do you sleep thru that?) and created one woman from that rib. Then those two made babies and made all us. She has to text the pastor for the date of this event.

Seems perfectly rational.