Christmas gifts, 2017

Here’s what I got:

  • a pair of Beats Studio wireless headphones, but I’m probably going to take them back and get the Bose. The Beats aren’t very comfortable. They start to hurt after about 30 minutes.

  • a stainless steel chimney cap for my Big Green Egg.

  • a BBQ Guru for my Big Green Egg. I already have one, but the fan broke, so I’m replacing it. (This is a must-have for those of you who buy a Kamado.)

I got a book about cats.

my son got me a tie from the dollar store. it’s really sharp and he was excited to give it. my wife won some ridiculous prize and my dining room is currently filled with about $20k worth of stuff (appliances, clothes, weird gourmet foods) for which there is zero space in my house. i think i will be setting up an ebay account. We will be keeping the picture frame TV though, that thing is cool.

I didn’t get anything :frowning:

3 more years of Trump!

You better mean 7 more years.

I feel great again.

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nah it’s true. I have a four foot long cheese board, a go bone, a $200 bottle of tequila, nespresso, ninja set, a sorbet maker, all kinds of ridiculous sh!t that rich people waste their money on, sitting in my dining room.

^you should really just get in the spirit of regifting.

I got a set of two small racing drones. My oldest son claimed one of them and has wrecked it pretty well already though. And a new pocket knife. Score!

A new piece of luggage from my wife. Fortunately, not packed.

Turd, did the prize come with a roll of tin foil to make hats?

It did not. It did come with an echo show which I promptly deposited in the snow bank so we’re secure :+1:


I didn’t get shit so had to go to the westfield on boxing day to pick my present. There was a big fight in the mall, as there were 100s of yutes and gangbangers off from school picking up their new tic creps and chasing tails. I was actually in the crep store picking out a pair of AM90 mid winters when this fight broke out and spilled into the mall…

I got the wife the apple airpods though, as she’s always listening to music on her commute. They’re pretty awesome!

American translation?

I have the Airpods and can confirm that they are splendid.

I got one of these Barbour jackets everyone around here is wearing these days…good for blending in I suppose and keeps me warm. Also some nice new golf accessories (bag, shirts, etc.), as I’ll probably have a lot of client duties in the coming year, as well as some cold weather running gear.

Yo, I’m livin’ in this time behind enemy lines So, I got mine, I hope you (got yourself a gun) You from the hood, I hope you (got yourself a gun) You want beef, I hope you (got yourself a gun) And when I see you I’ma take what I want So you tried to front, hope you (got yourself a gun) You ain’t real, hope you (got yourself a gun)

i got this heavy duty sweatshirt from Arborwear. The thing weights about 5 lbs and is awesome. I broke a sweat shoveling in single digit temps wearing this with no coat. It gets the Turd seal of approval.

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I have all the gifts I need. I can’t even imagine getting excited over a sweatshirt. Really sad.