CNN 2016 Candidate Matchmaker

I get Sanders, Clinton, O’Malley.

Curious what others here get?

I’m shocked at my results;

  1. Christie

  2. Clinton

  3. Fiorina

I got hilldog

I’m not sure how accurate it is… and being CNN it could be skewed towards the Democratic candidates.

I got Cruz, hillary, Trump That doesn’t seem right at all. How could hillary possibly end up in the middle of those 2? I call rigged

Cruz, Fiorina, Kasich

I think the one below is pretty good.

My top three from the “I Side With” quiz are Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Michael Bloomberg. Bernie, Trump, and Hillary were my bottom three. It’s a lot of questions, but theyre pretty thorough on many issues and also give the option of ranking how important any issue is to you as well as more answer choices than just Yes or No. The analysis at the end on my views also seems to be in line with what how I generally feel on political themes. Hopefully Rubio wins the GOP nom…and/or Bloomberg runs. I don’t want another Bush in office. Be sure to click “Show more questions” when available and the “Other Stances”.

  1. Trump, 2) Carly Fiorina, 3) Rand Paul.

I think… I need to perform a thorough and honest evaluation of my life and values.

  1. Marco Rubio

  2. Rand Paul

  3. Ben Carson

Apparently no third party or independents were included. I agree with Ramos that is much better.

Funny, and you guys thought I was a bleeding heart lefty from Canada:


Trump Bush Kasich


Kasich Clinton Rubio

CNN: Trump, Paul, Fiorina

isidewith: Bush, Rubio, Trump

CNN: Trump, Paul, Bush

isidewith: Johnson, Cruz, Trump

CNN: Jeb, Carly, Rand

I side with: Gary Johnson, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz

Apparently nuance is a thing.

The CNN one is pretty weak. Relies way too much on outlandish statement instead of true beliefs or sides. Come to think of it though, maybe that is actually more representative of politics. Hmm.

CNN: Sanders, Paul, Cruz. Wtf?

isidewith: Paul (took awhile ago, not sure of the runner ups)

Real life: Gary Johnson

Bloomberg, Trump, Rubio

Bernie Sanders on both, with a dash of Trump thrown in.


CNN: Hilary, O’Malley, Sanders

isidewith: Sanders, Stein, Hilary, Bloomberg

so basically i just want the U.S. to look like Canada.

CNN: Cruz, Paul, Fiorina

isidewith: Clinton, Jeb, Bernie

The most obvious flaw with both these quizes is they have far more questions on social issues (where I lean left) than fiscal issues (where I lean far right, and weigh much more heavily).

Funny though, on isidewith Clinton and Jeb basically tied which is completely unsurprising. They are essentially they same candidate.

Not sure about the second quiz, but the CNN quiz had a few questions that were really aimed at one or two candidates, and a certain answer there would probably bucket you into that category. Also, there wasn’t really much middle ground in some of the questions, so I had to choose one or two extreme answers that I didn’t really agree with 100%. But I guess it is just for fun.

Nope, your results have been recorded by the government and count as your vote. Thanks for voting early.

I would love if our voting system took a quiz like this and then just assigned an appropriate candidate.