Coconut Oil

Has anybody here tried taking coconut oil daily ? I hear it has numerous benefits,I have started taking a table spoon everyday for a week now

Fish oil day brah, not coconut oil. Or you can eat coconut oil…with your sambhar dosa…

i’ve used coco oil for cooking, cant really taste a difference when compared to evo. I agree tho, fish oil is probably better contingent on its the right fish oil. It all boils down to what your diet needs. If you are eating tons of nuts, fish, avacados, and other fatty foods, you probably dont need to supplement with a tble spoon of coco oil.

On a different, but related subject, i believe these studies come out to produce a profit. How often do we hear a new study, of which the data sample is tiny and the results are ambigous, declaring a new super fruit/vegi? Collectively, we should hire some MD to sample some relatively unexpensive commodity and massage (w a happy ending of course) the figures to produce a conclusion showing its beneficial to brain capacity, testostone, or for women, anti aging. bingo bango, we retire on our respective yatchs and sip vino as the sun sets and our women’s head sets.

Coconut oil is good

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Cocnut oil is good for hangovers. Fish oil is good for your health.

Or just eat the damn fish. I find it funny all these fools that eat Big Macs and then take an Omega 3 capsule thinking they’re living healthy. Eat a well balanced diet of real food and you don’t need any supplements or to take anything.

A lot of fish doesn’t have much omega-3 acids, as usual, geo talks straight out of his a–.

Try this:

Even a lot of the fish that is supposed to have the essential acids, don’t. A prime example of this would be your farm raised (a la common) salmon. Mahi mahi is another example and is the vulture of the sea. Look for wild caught salmon from the nordic region.

you need fatty fish to make it work

^Alaska. Anything that says Atlantic on it, is farm raised…even if it is from a Pacific nation like Chile(!)

I only eat wild caught salmon and pacific halibut, or trout that I catch wild. All high in Omega 3. I’m not talking out of my ass. You don’t need to take pills to get what you need. Lots of salesmen will tell you otherwise.

Back to coconut oil…my son had really bad cradle cap. We put extra virgin coconut oil on his scalp and rubbed it in and it helped with the problem.

And that’s about the only thing I’ve ever used coconut oil for.

^ I agree. Do you worry about mercury though?


Dont forget you can eat walnuts which are a great source of omega-3 ,taste good,look good,make a good combination with cheese.

On the coco oil however I believe it has some benefits if you take it regularly

Wild sockeye should be pretty low in mercury. 2-3 times a week is no big deal. Its still healthier than beef, pork or other alternatives.

Totally with you on that.

Plus fish tastes awesome while fish oil reeks of ass.

The fish oil I posted above is odorless and tasteless. It’s also pretty cheap so you can take it everyday.

sockeye salmon is pretty nice, during my young poor days, I used to get it as a treat