Comey Testimony

Im popping my popcorn as we speak :+1:.


lmao “THE DEEP STATE IS IN CONTROL” dont worry kids nothing Comey is saying is true its forced. You have an excuse for everything, Vault 7 Vault 7! Its got everything. You people read off a script fed to you.

haha, no we go to the source “evidence” and make a determination. notice how specifics are never uttered…because the specifics prove everything you say to be bullsh!t.

I hope Comey has proof of something so damning that the house has no choice but to begin impeachment proceedings. The news has become unwatchable, and WC nearly unreadable, because of Trump. Pence is quite a bit too socially conservative for my tastes, but at least the debates will be about policy instead of innuendo and stupid tweets.

Higgs - keep dreaming, its just lies and fake news.

I doubt anything will be said that will make Trump look more erratic than he already does. None of these current or former public officials wants to be embroiled in controversy by embattling large and influential sections of the Republican party.

Yeah, I have no idea what people are expecting to come out of this. Nothing will change. Crazy dude will still lead America.

So, I read it and it’s damming :+1:

1)Trump demands personal loyalty pledge, with implicit “do you like this job?” threat. 2)Trump asks Comey to back off Flynn investigation as a favor 3)“Because I have been very loyal to you, very loyal; we had that thing you know.” 4) Trump fires Comey when he realizes Comey won’t play ball.

im thinking obstruction of justice. Poor trumpsters :sob:

Don’t you have better things to do Palantir?

You can have my left nut to put in your trophy case if anything comey says provides grounds for any sort of prosecution.

CharLIE thanks for the offer but that’s really weird and gross :-1:.

Ohai ok whatever, we both are busy people? Also what? You a JRRT fan?

you don’t seem to understand. The war is over and the good guys won. Anyone you see still trying to take out trump hasn’t gotten the memo yet from the top. It’s over, done. The next twelve months are going to be the most amazingly good period in our history. Technology and disease cure disclosures, ETI disclosure, everything that’s been holding down and enslaving humanity for its entire existence is now on its deathbed breathing its last breath. This is truly the greatest time in human history to be alive, for EVERYONE, not just the vampires of humanity. Mark it down.

charLIE i aggree things are getting better, thanks to God that this trumpster fire will be gone soon: had to make America suck before we could MAGA :open_mouth:

There are only a few Trump fans here. The rest are just people who care about policy implications and are not seduced or distracted by media noise, personal gaffes of public officials, or mob ideology. One person is someone enveloped in self misery, and whose world view was shattered when the world did not go his way. My sincere and good willed advice is to just try to be happy and come out of your wretched state. You’d make more of yourself and have a better emotional state that way.

you guys gotta admit though “we had that thing you know.” is just such a funny quote. Sounds like a 15 year old talking to some girl he got to touch his ding dong for the first time

guys if you know Turd from outside here, just be sure to stay far away from him. Cause when he goes off its def gonna be the “shoot up the office” style explosion

I love the zealots on both sides drawing conclusions from the statement instead of seeing all questions it raises. Hopefully the Senators who question him today will actually ask questions and not just state their conclusions.

Dont hold your breath. Left: “so you are saying trump tried to obstruct justice?” 50x, from the right: “so you are saying trump ISNT under investigation and never was and is all clear”

now you’re projecting. i live in peace and harmony regardless of what’s happening around me. i have no attachment to any particular state of the world. i know this is a foreign concept to you as a certified self loather. look within yourself and accept the love and light that lives there bro. everything you need in life is right there.