Contemplating an MBA in Finance to complement the CFA charter

I’m strongly considering going back to school for my graduate degree in Finance. I’ve always intended on completing it, but have held out for an employer to subsidize some of the tuition, instead of having to take out a loan for the whole cost. When I was studying for the CFA exams, and after ultimately getting the charter, I did not think an MBA was all that necessary in landing a job in equity research or portfolio mgmt. That’s where I want my career to progress towards. But with my experience as a Sr. Financial Analyst in industries outside of financial services, and a project manager earlier in my career, I’m thinking an MBA will be necessary. As a charterholder, I’ve been overqualified for all my past experiences as an analyst - I know that’s because I don’t have actual real world experience in asset and wealth management. An Finance focused MBA program feels like the only way to go to get into that field.

Would love some feedback on this. Also, have you completed a graduate program? What materials did you use to study for the GMAT?

Only go for an MBA if it’s a Top 2 Program. Yee be warned.

Welcome to Analyst Forum. Allow me to advise of the official AF stance on MBA programs.

Here, we strongly urge people to attend the top two MBA programs in the nation. Of course, the #1 program is Harvard. #2 is a tie between Stanford, Chicago (Booth), Wharton, and UT-San Antonio.

If you find yourself eligible to attend any of these universities, it is highly recommended that you take any such opportunity, as it will only increase your chances of success in the world of high finance.

If you do not qualify to attend any of these universities, then cut your balls off with a rusty hacksaw.

UT-San Antonio was a joke btw…thats a hacksaw school. You’re good with top 5…Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT Sloan, or Chicago Booth.

^Check yo’self, Ramos. Attend a hacksaw school, a Jedi would not. My own counsel will I keep on what school is to be attended.

You are wreckless!

I didn’t go to business school, but I did take the GMAT with a relative degree of success. Here are the books that I used. I recommend the “GMAT Premier” book first, and the rest depending on your weaknesses.

ohai, taking the GMAT for fun.


Don’t listen to the top2 or hacksaw nonsense.

It is ok to attend any of the top 3 programs for MBA. Outside of that, don’t even bother.

what is relative degree of success?


Stanford / Wharton is Rank 2. That’s it. Booth and UT are instant hacksaw to the sack. Stop trying to change the rankings Greenie.

Just make sure to let the MBA program know that you have a passion for finance and that you love, love, love options speculation. Like, really love it.

That’s what usually makes the difference./s

^ Dude, Wharton is part of U of Penn which sounds way too close to U of P. Hacksaw!

It’s not UT-Austin. That’s for hacksawed losers.

I went to a loftier school–UT- San Antonio.

Can we change up the hacksaw mantra. Can it be based on absolute earnings as opposed to education. So if you make more than X amount of dollars per year you are free from castration but if you make

I know a student who goes to Phoenix who will make $10.25m in 2013. And he hasn’t even graduated yet!

Congrats to Larry Fitzgerald for trying to better himself!

He wants an in to college girls.

MBA from a top school is so expensive, i don’t know if it’s wise to have more debt in this economic condition. although if you can afford it, then go for it, education is always helpful.

An education need not come in the form of an MBA, top 2 or not.

And MBA’s not make one educated.

Look at me. Judge me by my MBA, do you? And well you should not. For my ally is the CFA Charter.

I tell friends that if they want to quit their finance job, get an mba, and go right back to finance again. It’s a huge waste to do an MBA.

MBA is best for career changers or people who are really hitting a brick wall.