Cops kill - again

For about five minutes, Minjarez is heard on audio from the dash cams screaming, “Help, help. Help me. Get off. You’re going to kill me,” the coroner’s report states. He continues, “You’re going to suffocate …” and “I can’t breathe” three times. He cried and screamed, his voice becoming “increasingly muffled, hoarse and strained” while repeating, “I can’t breathe.”

Around five minutes into the restraint, he groans and gurgles and an officer said “You got 265 pounds on your back, you’re not going anywhere.” He “is heard to make an agonal groan and no more sounds are heard from him,” the report states.




Americans are masters of spouting rehearsed braindead nonsense. You are certainly not exempt from being harassed/killed by the out of control American police force just because you are minding your own business and not breaking the law.

Face your problems, Americans.

hey here’s an idea. how about people stop aggressively resisting arrest when doing something that looks highly suspect and confronted by police, thus eliminating the need for cops (3-5 were needed in this case) to hold him down.

^ “Highly suspect” means being black, or looking like you don’t have lawyer friends.

Thugs are already destroying their own neighborhoods in response.

columbus tear gas

Nvm, that was Ohio State after a win. I get things confused sometimes.

This is Mr. Minjarez, so I guess he falls into the “looking like you don’t have lawyer friends” bucket.

Depends how he is dressed and what car he is driving. They do what they think they can get away with…

“Highly suspicious” in this case meant “agitated, naked and had destroyed a residence.”

On one hand, it would be great if all these policemen dialed back on the Steven Seagal fantasy while on the job. However, on the other hand, when you deal like people like this regularly, I can understand how the police would err on the side of more control and safety for themselves.

It’s circular though, police state brings angry citizens, brings more police state.

So if an agitated, naked man is destroying my house, I should blame it on a police state? Got it.

You Americans got serious problems. Wake up.

oh look purealpha, more evidence you are nothing but a troll.

the very reason this never got as much attention, is bec the “victim” is not black.

I blame it on the final round of drinks when I go out.






FYI the hashtag thing was never funny, not even once, ever, please just let it go. Thank you.