Coronavirus will destroy the economy

This ■■■■ is going to destroy everything that developed nations have build over a century and put us back to Great Depression era. Hospitals will be overrun by old people and we will have to flight with each for resources. Buckle up! This is going to be a bumpy ride!

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We will all be fine. This is just a deadly disease for old people.

No matter what happens, I trust the leadership of our government to work in our best interest, to keep the country safe from harm.

All western democracies should stand up against China now or regret forever. This is the moment when you sue China for every single life that has been lost outside of China. Pay you bastards. Life is maybe cheap in China but not everywhere. They even haven’t issued an apology and now trying to flood the internet with articles stating that the virus wasn’t originated in Wuhan. Give me a break!

Nuke them!

A lot of people saying worst address ever lmao

Lol can’t make this up

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As I said. We are looking at 50% correction. Once in a lifetime buying opportunity though.

This is over for trump!

You didn’t mean it right? Isolation but not discrimination, my friend!


I have reported some posts. Racists and xenophobes calling for mass murder should be permanently banned without further warning.

Why were better posters banned, but these vile creatures remain? This forum needs consistent rules instead of silencing based on personal/political agenda.

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Didn’t know the pusssyfication of a generation happened in Asia as well. I’m pretty sure the ‘nuke them’ comments were not posted as a serious policy alternative. Relax and don’t get

No. American bigotry and racism is escalating with the Cold War (red scare, McCarthyism, MAGA), and I’m going to continue to call out the bigots.

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Oh the irony of you being triggered about MAGA hats and policies that took place decades ago while China is going full-Hitler and building “re-education” camps for China’s muslim minorities.

Circuit breakers again! Mama bear is here and she is angry

No (god damn 10 char limit)

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imo trump will be blamed for this. will prolyl cost him election. when the economy is strong, diseases spread faster, better to slow down the economy and nip this in the bud, than ignore it and suffer the consequences for a longer period with a wider spread.

As he should be – Dems passed a bill that provides temporary support for workers and now it’s off to the Senate’s graveyard.

The people making your food, providing operational support to companies, or working in retail aren’t paid enough to take sick days, this is how it spreads.

May this be the triggering event that causes the US and A to follow the path of all other developed nations and start providing universal health care.