Coronavirus will destroy the economy

So one of my kids woke up with flu/covid symptoms this morning. I had to call the primary care physician, health department, and the Children’s Hospital to find out how to get a covid test. The long and short of it is, at the moment, it’s nearly impossible. (It turned out to be Flu B, so no covid that we know of).

No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, the fact we don’t even have tests readily available yet is another mark against relying on the government for anything. No matter who’s in charge. Idiots the lot of them.

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Long funeral homes?

the type of flu we have this season is more widespread too. but just let deadly!

Short nursing homes.

can someone change the Coronavirus in the title to Trump LMAO

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I think this is Mr. Putin’s mishap. Mr Putin is a President of Russian Federation.

Welcome to America’s superior system of “capitalism, freedom, democracy, bla bla.”

In China and South Korea you can get a test for free if there is a reason to suspect infection, or $140 if of your own volition, results right now. Civilized society, valuing human life over corporate profits. In America not only is the technology vastly behind ours, but you can’t even access what technology exists.

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Wow, Americans could not be in better hands. What could have been a mass casualty event will be a mere blip. Hope you got in on Thursday.

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the patriots are taking the country back fro the deep state. godbless

clubs are still pretty lit.

Hope your kiddo is doing better.

Ay mijo!! :dizzy_face: :mask: :confounded: :scream: :skull_and_crossbones: :poop:

this is a disease that kills mostly old people. mortality rates below. yall need to chill. it aint a big deal to get corona if ur under 60. people just dont want it to spread because they havent been able to study it for that long and we have no vaccines. whats causing the panic is things closing down and supply runs cuz every dude is telling you to panic and the basic retails stores have empty shelves and are closing down. its insane. the majority of the population does not need to panic cuz u aint going to die. ur jus apparently going to run out of tp because ppl are scared shitless.
here is some quick info on mortality rates for different diseases, these are approximately:
0.2% regular flu
SARS is 10%
MERS is 25%


It’s the house of cards economic system that’s the problem; the virus is just the finger that pushes the first domino.

honestly the drive to work was rather pleasant. this is prolly what blood in the streets look like. unfortunately, this is all temporary and panic induced. will it cause a domino? maybe. but until i see unemployment tick up. this is nothing.

Thanks. Kids shake this stuff off like it’s nothing. Just glad my wife or I didn’t/haven’t gotten it. First and only time I’ve had the flu, two months ago, I thought I was dying. I’m not a good patient.