Anyone worried about this Corona virus putting the test to a halt and delay or possibly cancel it altogether?

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I recently had a Level III candidate purchase a set of mock exams from me.

This morning, he e-mailed me to ask for a refund because he was concerned that the Level III exam might be cancelled by CFA Institute.

Twenty-three (23) minutes later, he e-mailed me to tell me to disregard the previous e-mail.

Yes: candidates are worried about the corona virus, and they’re not sure how to react to it.

I think this year exam is going to be easy

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In 2003, only most affected places cancelled. Probably exam centers will be canceled selectively.

The test is 3 months away? If this is still an issue in 3 months then I think we’ll all have bigger problems to worry about

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that is impossible.

I hope they don’t postpone the exam

I really don’t think the exam can take place within China in June. The venue simply won’t take that chance.

And Let’s consider this headline: contagion at CFA exam, x candidates infected

Not that it would deter ppl from trying to earn the charter, but it’s really really bad publicity.

I will go and take exam anyways. Just take/wear mask and sanitize your neighbor who will be sitting next to you.

The same thought has been crossing my mind.

London alone has 10,000 candidates taking the exam in June. If they cancel the exam at one venue it should be cancelled all over the world otherwise it wouldn’t be fair.

Man 99 problems. COVID -19 is ONE. My heart goes out to all those affected. Especially in Wuhan and China. I do hope we get a handle on this thing. It would be such a waster to have to restudy again next year. I do realize people are faced with worse problems than the CFA. I guess I will continue studying for now until we get further guidance from CFAI.

Its not a big deal…what did the market do today - did anybody watch?

Hahaha… it slid down over 7%. It had to stop trading for a while. Overall fastest rate of decline since the 2008 crisis. But sure… business as usual. SMH.

Man that sounds pretty bad…I think the Chinese are messing up the curve all these quarantined countries - all the candidates are studying like 12 hours a day right now locked inside with nothing better to do.

All because somebody touched bat meat at the local wildlife-food market.

They can cancel selectively at certain sites. They cancelled the December exam in Anchorage for the earthquake a couple years ago, then rescheduled a couple of months later. It has been done. I’m am just hoping that the Anchorage site will have very few people, easily separated and the flu won’t have made it there quite yet in force.


Alaska still has no confirmed cases so you are good. But, once it spreads to Alaska due to being cold all the time it will not wear off with the warmer temperatures and could persist year around.

The more I think about this, the more I am guessing they will postpone it and postpone sooner rather than later. There are too many countries that have covid exposure and so much planning on the CFAI’s part to cancel this last minute in May. I am wondering if they could use the December test centers to have all three levels? Obviously a ton of planning on their part, but I think they’ll be quite an outcry if there are selective cancelations. Too many countries affected. Just my two cents. Never thought we’d get to this point with the virus, unfortunate on many, many levels.

WHO just declared CV as global pandemic. Many large events in the world are being canceled. It’s only going to get worse in the next 90 days. The problem is the exam centers are so packed, the risk of contagion is very high, especially with close spacing for six hours duration. CFAI is blind if they don’t postpone or cancel the exam.

The biggest hope is that warm weather will help stop the spread. If they are considering now whether to go on or postpone the exam, it may be too early but waiting until the last week would certainly ■■■■ people off. I think in 1-1.5 months they can make the final decision but we will see. I just hope this all ends soon so that we can focus on the exam.

“ * At CFA Institute, our top priority is always the health and safety of our employees, candidates, and stakeholders around the globe. To date, we have not announced any change in plans for the June exams. We encourage candidates to continue studying and check their email for updates. Our goal is to ensure a fair and equitable exam administration. We request your patience as we diligently review information and make decisions.”

Just focus on your study guys. Doesn’t matter either they postpone or not. If they do you will have more time to review anyway.