Credit Analyst Exit Opportunity

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what city?

Here are some suggestions (fell free to add or comment):

  1. Do as much as possible to improve your language and writing ability. You will be writing to other people to request interviews. So, it is extremely important that your writing, even in small messages, should reflect polish and sophistication. You’re already ok, but there’s still a gap between you and bchad/numi that represents an opportunity for improvement.

  2. Improve your physical appearance. Make sure you are physically fit, get a nice haircut, and improve your taste in clothing (it doesn’t have to be expensive, just get stuff that fits well). When you meet people for informational interviews, they need to think you look like a winner. It is superficial but true.

  3. Don’t stop pursuing recognizable credentials. Explore opportunities like part time MS, or other things that might help you establish common ground with other professionals.

  4. Keep in contact with your friends and professional acquaintances. Send them an email, at least once at the end of the year, to just say hi and remind them that you still exist.

  5. Prepare for a lot of rejection and try not to be discouraged. Anyone has a small success rate to change jobs - maybe 2%. So, you’ll get rejected 50 times before being successful.

  6. Be excellent at your job, not just good. Every person in your job would like to move to something they consider better, but only the top 1% will succeed. Make sure you are in the top 1% of your profession.

In my opinion, before considering the actions of job seeking, you must make sure your foundation is good.

^ This. 100%. Too many people think they’re better than their current position and look for something better but they really should take a long hard look at themselves before doing so.

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Pet peeve but it is so annoying when people say they have no accent. These American dudes with a more neutral accent are always telling me how thankfully they don’t sound American. I am like you absolutely do, it is just not so nasally.

I hate it when people tell me i don’t have an accent. I do, just not the one racist white people expect i should have. Also i don’t know where on earth you are cooler but every hub in the west has people from everywhere. If you speak clearly it is fine, the only accent that is a legit problem to understand is the Irish one unless they are from Dublin. it is bizarre, this English dude always has to translate what he is saying to everyone else and he himself speaks like someone from Yorkshire which isn’t exactly a walk in the park.


I thought i was doing allrite making ~ 100k at 27 then i saw the other thread where people are like under 30 and at 500k. i feel like re-evaluating my life choices now

Belinda, if you meet me, your life will be set. Focus on that and everything else will fall into place.

Youre welcome.

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