Critique My Fantasy Squad

Team Name - BBQ’d Dog - 12 Man Half-PT PPR League

RBs: Doug Martin, Le’Veon Bell, Jacquizz Rodgers, Isaih Pead, Pierre Thomas, Da’Rel Scott

WRs: Larry Fitzgerald, Roddy White, Stevie Johnson, Josh Gordon, Justin Blackmon, Lance Moore

QB: Cam Newton

TE: Greg Olsen

DEF: Kansas City

I’m going to drop Da’Rel Scott and Lance Moore for backup QB and TE this week with the Panthers on BYE. Thinking about Gino Smith, Jake Locker or Sam Bradford who are available. Suggestions? TEs available are Scott Chandler, Brent Celek, anyone that should be on my radar?

i’d pick up bradford. he’s taken in most 10 team leagues i know of

I’m 0-3 in my league, so I don’t feel qualified to offer any advice at this point.

Bradford should be owned. Your team looks a lot like mine in the sense that you have a bunch of solid players that seem good on the page but are performing year to date. Not too sure what kinds of trades you could make without selling low and probably buying high, but let me know if you have ideas. I’m 0-3 in the AF league myself and am just determined to “wait it out” in hopes that my team finds a way to turn it around as it is currently underperforming across the board.

I’d probably hang onto Lance Moore and cut Da’Rel Scott. The Giants backfield is a mess and on any given week, Lance Moore can break out so you can do a lot worse.

Not to poach lxwarr30’s thread, but here is my team. Open to suggestions on what moves I should make, if any. I thought the team looked OK on draft day but it’s 0-3 now. 12-team, 0.5 PPR.

QB: Robert Griffin III

WR: Andre Johnson, Marques Colston

RB: C.J. Spiller, Frank Gore

TE: Owen Daniels

Flex: Lamar Miller

Bench: Joique Bell (RB), Mike Wallace (WR), Antonio Gates (TE), Roy Helu (RB), Ben Roethlisberger (QB), Terrelle Pryor (QB)

Kicker: Justin Tucker

DEF: Kansas City

Looks like Sam Bradford is going to be my pick. Thanks guys. Any suggestions for a TE? Who would you drop for him (not Da’Rell Scott - he’s for QB)?

I’m concerned about Lance Moore because Brees has so many options, but you’re right. He should be performing higher. I am 1-2 right now because of injury on Roddy White. I’m hoping Le’Veon Bell comes back and becomes a stud RB. He is a big boy so he will be goal line monster, will have to see if he has the explosiveness for open field runs.

My friend has put Arian Foster on the trading block and said he would consider a Larry Fitz/RB combo for him. I am concerned that Ben Tate has been pushing him out of his role. I would like to trade one of my WRs for a RB though.

Why are you holding onto three QBs? You have a solid RB base. Can you handcuff Spiller/Gore in your league? I would do that if possible. Can you pick up Justin Blackmon, Josh Gordon? I would drop Pryor and Helu if I felt there was someone who might be valuable late season or provide insurance for my stud RBs.

Blackmon and Gordon are taken though I can try to trade for another back-up RB. It’ll be a pretty low impact move and I think Pryor shows a lot of flashes of potential, but I don’t really need three QB’s; it just doesn’t make sense to release any of them and I’d rather hang onto them in case there’s a possible trade.

I think Fitzgerald plus another one of your receivers for Foster is OK, or maybe Fitzgerald + Le’Veon Bell. I still think Foster has good value and he’s a tremendous athlete, but his average stats per carry and per game over the past three years have been heading in the wrong direction and he’s now splitting more carries with Ben Tate. I also think Fitzgerald was over-valued going into drafts because everyone thought he was going to have a turnaround season and tried to “buy low,” resulting in what seemed to be a fairly valued price. But who knows, maybe someone disagrees with me and thinks Fitz will be really good. Anyway, that’s just my perspective. Someone this morning offered me Arian Foster for Jimmy Graham in another league and I turned it down because I don’t want to trade a low-risk, category-killer like Graham for a higher-risk, maybe high-reward player in Arian Foster where just about every top RB outside of McCoy and Peterson seems to be underperforming.

6.3/10. Though to be fair, I’m in a 6 man league where there’s much greater access to top players. That’s the way to do it imo.

I pretend to be a general manager/head coach. I’m currently as successful as 6 of them.

Celek might be a good TE if the Eagles ever pull their head out of their butt.

Is Bilal Powell a good pickup?

I would say if you don’t have a good running back group then Bilal Powell is a great pick up. He’s gone in my league right now.

My choices for TE are: Charles Clay (MIA), Scott Chandler (BUF), and Heath Miller (PIT). I’m taking a poll on which to add. Thanks for the input.

Heath Miller by far. Dude was a top10 TE last year until he got injured. Now he is back and Big Ben will target him often and definitely in the end zone

Would you start him over Giovani Bernard as flex? With Ivory’s injury, Powell will be an every down back this week. Bernard gets the TDs but not many rushing opportunities.

Heath Miller, then Scott Chandler (I think if Heath is still lagging from injury at all, then Chandler is the better play)

I’d grab Heath Miller out of the three. I’d probably start Bernard more often at flex, since he’ll probably get more touches over the course of the season (and almost certainly more than Miller) – and that’s just how I like to manage my “flex” position. However, Big Ben does like to find Miller in the redzone. I guess if I had some special insight into which weeks Miller was going to catch a TD, I’d start Miller instead…

I picked up Miller. Thanks guys.

FT: I would star Bilal. I never thought I would say this about a Jet, but he seems like the better play. They’re going to give him a lot of carries and since Geno throws a lot of interceptions I would think they’ll be hesitant about throwing a lot. This gives him a great spot to shine.


I need some advice. I was offered the trade below:

I give up Cam Newton, Justin Blackmon or Josh Gordon

I get Jamaal Charles, Phillip Rivers

I’m leaning toward taking it. What are your thoughts? Who would you give Josh Gordon or Justin Blackmon?

Depends on the rest of your roster. Are you weak at RB? Then its a no brainer.

Edit: didn’t realize you posted your roster in the first post. Based on that, I’d definitely do it. Doug Martin has been a huge bust and rest of your RBs are practically garbage.

Edit # 2: Honestly at this point I’d counter offer Cam/Gordon/Martin for JC/Rivers and keep Blackmon in case Roddy White never recovers from his injury. Doug Martin is a waste of roster space