Cutting Caffeine

Anyone successfully do this? I’m on day four of no caffeine, feeling pretty good after a couple rough days. Found caffeine was messing with my gut, but also wondering what it was doing to my sleep and mental state. Not sure of the benefits of cutting caffeine in these regards yet, but I do feel less of an energy roller coaster throughout the day, which is good. Also - anyone recommend a good caffeine free coffee?

I am kind of curious to try this since I currently drink caffeine like a mofo. On an average work day, I probably drink 5-6 cups of coffee (the little 10-12 ounce paper cups) and a couple cans of diet coke.

The last time I really cut back on coffee was ironically a semester in grad school where I cut out coffee. It wasn’t too bad, as I remember.

That’s like quitting alcohol but asking for a good non alcoholic beer.

I stopped after day two when I had killer headaches from withdrawal. I don’t drink tremendous amounts anymore (just coffee no soda), maybe 2-3 cups a day.

Ironically, didn’t drink much my first two years of college (also didn’t gain weight first two years). Last two though… I had long days though, school+work full time+long commutes. That’s my excuse.

If I tried now I probably couldn’t do it. The headaches were awful when I tried to detox.

I don’t know if this is a legit excuse, but I also love just the taste of coffee, and I’m a commited hedonist so I can’t give that up either.

I still like the taste of coffee. I just dont want the effects of caffeine. So I guess its kind of the same… But I dont really see a problem with this.

This is my problem, I love the taste of coffee. But the headaches honestly go away as quick as they come. Now I don’t get drowsy mid day as my morning brew wears off. That part is great.

^really? Can you explain in detail the process? Like 1-10 10 on first day, 8 by second, etc? When did the headaches wear off?

I’m not convinced this is necessary ie I feel coffee is one of the lesser evils but would be curious.

I’ve considered this a few times but have never done it. Cut down from about 6 cups during the CFA days to 3 cups currently which feels a bit better and I never have any caffeine after about 3pm. It’s probably pyscho somatic but I find coffee enhances my mood. I also love the taste and am a proper coffee snob douche.

I know a fair few people who have cut it successfully and swear by it. Most of the people I know that have huge natural energy and drive don’t touch caffeine.

Don’t become one of those decaf douches though.

Drink green tea - truck loads of it.

I faced with the same problem when I got my own book to trade - the stresses of the market combined with ups/downs of coffee really pushed me to the limit even on a not-so-happening day.

In my hexagon on the floor, when a trader leaves his desk to pee or get lunch - he comes back with drinks for everyone (the rest 5). Previously i’d always ask for an espresso or something, now - only green tea or plain hot water.


Same here. Used to have loads of milk tea and black coffee… Green tea helped me get over it. I drink 3 cups of green tea a day and take generally hot water… The headache goes off.

I have got over tea the last 6 months. I realized that to quit smoking I need to quit this tea/coffee too. I generally used to smoke (20-30 a day) along with tea. I quit all of them at one go.

Dont know if its related, increased by exercise regime and that helped to get rid of smoking.

Stella NA is actually worth trying

I was drinking 3-5 a day in the past. I have since cut it down to 1 a day (and 2 if my boss insists we go for coffee).

My motivation for cutting back was that I was substituting drinking coffee for water, and found myself dehydrated often. AFter my morning coffee, I will generally drink about 7 or 8 glasses of water throughout the rest of the day I feel more awake and attentive during the afternoons now.

I don’t intend to cut back any further.

Have tried to cut back many time… Usually not cold turkey. But one night of bad sleep and slogging around at work leads to caffeine to combat it - which can disrupt sleep - which leads to more caffeine the next day… an endless cycle.

I have done better drinking more green tea vs. coffee and drinking hot water sometimes can help. Actually, it’s easier for me to cut back on days that I’m really busy at work; out of sight, out of mind.

Green tea still has a fair amount of caffeine, so won’t solve his problem. He could drink decaffinated green tea, but my understanding is that caffeine actually enhances most of the benefits of green tea.

I noticed that it’s not necessarily coffee that I crave in the mornings, but rather a hot beverage. So I switched to warm water with honey, lemon and mint. You can freeze the cut up mint in ice cubes to make it easier.

I still drink a cup of coffee when I get to work, but it became a more conscious decision, and sometimes skip it. I also dropped the afternoon coffee, and switched to tea (mostly decaf). It wasn’t hard at all and I suspect it’s for the same reason of needing something warm to drink rather than caffeine.

I wonder if I can get away with decaf coffee in the mornings, but I haven’t found the brand that tastes decent.

i quit before each CFA exam and stayed off it for a while then inevitably started again. if you get the “rollercoaster” feeling it likely has more to do with your diet than drinking coffee (i.e. blood sugar rushes/crashes from high sugar/carb intake. if you have sugar with your cofee this likely helps create the rollercoaster feeling). if you eat low carb/high fat, you will have plenty of energy throughout the day with or without coffee. i drink 2-3 black coffees a day, not really for energy, but because cafeine is great for focus. if you drink black cofee and don’t have any for 6-7 hours before bedtime, you shouldn’t have any ill effects.

Bingo. I quit coffee earlier this year for 2 weeks and still had the mid-day sluggish feelish.

I started eating a cup of oatmeal every morning for breakfast and I feel great for the entire day. There is no mid-day “crash” unless I eat a double cheese burger or something really heavy. But again, that’s a diet issue.

I tried quitting caffine a few years back. It didn’t work out so well.

I usually drink 3 cups of coffee in the morning and 1-2 cokes per day. I could probably give up coffee if I really tried, but not coke.

Switching to tea and gradually reducing the number of cups per day and eating better will probably do it. But that is no fun. Exercise too. Again…no fun.

Why do people drink decaf? I just don’t get it.

I switched to decaf after a doctor recommended I cut out caffeine for a minor medical issue. He also recommended I cut back on alcohol. Along with a couple other key lifestyle changes - more weights, less sugar, having an ex-wife - I’m down about 20 pounds.

So I’ll have a French press of decaf every morning for breakfast, then occasionally I’ll have regular, maybe one or two cups a week, if I need an evening boost.